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-ectomyexcision or removal of (appendectomy)
-lysisdestruction of (electrolysis)
-orrhaphyrepair or suture of (herniorrhaphy)
-oscopylooking into (endoscopy)
-otomycutting into or incision of (tracheotomy)
-plastyrepair or reconstruction of (mammoplasty)
What are the two types of surgeries?elective and emergency
5 parts of pre-op nursing management?1. Pre-op teaching 2. informed consent 3. psychological prep 4. physical prep/baseline data 5. immediate pre-op nursing interventions
echinacea may cause inflammation of liver if used w certain meds
feverfewinhibits platelet activity & ↑ bleeding
garlic↑ bleeding
gingko biloba↑ bleeding
ginseng↑ bleeding, HR, & BP
goldenseal↑ BP & swelling
kavamay prolong effects of certain anesthetics & seizure meds; can damage liver
licoricecan cause ↑ BP, swelling or electrolyte imbalance
saw palmettocan have additive effects with other hormone therapies
st. john's wortcan prolong effects anesthetics
valeriancan prolong effects of certain anesthetics & antiseizure meds, can cause liver injury
vitamin E↑ bleeding; can affect thyroid gland function; can ↑BP

Perioperative Care

Question Answer
What is the nurse's primary responsibility regardless of the surgery?patient safety
food allergies r/t latex allergieseggs, avos, bananas, chestnuts, potatoes, peaches
What are the 3 informed consent exceptions?minor (get parent's consent); incompetent (guardian, POA); ER (document)
Rules of thumb delegating tasks to an unlicensed personnel?anything requiring critical thinking (assessment, Dx); anything that can change or add to nursing Dx; concrete tasks are OK, but not decisions that need to be made thereafter.
3 basic categories of anesthesia?general (pt. is unconscious), local (pt. is conscious, area of surgery is numb via local infiltration, epidural or spinal block) & conscious sedation (twilight sleep)
Malignant hyperthermia; what should be given asap if it occurs?genetic reaction to certain anesthetics; give dantrolene (Dantrium) to help slow metabolism & ↓ muscle contraction.
what is included in pre-op checklist?name, DOB, allergies, med list, consent signed, family present yes/no, baseline data, diagnosis, procedure being done, previous surgeries
3 common pre op medsmorphine, glydopyrrolate, secobarbital, (and atropine)
intraoperative goalsno aspiration, adequate CO & perfusion, no injury
how does general anesthesia workblocks awareness centers in brain
adjuncts to anestheticsopioids, benzos, NM blocking agents & antiemetics

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