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Three components of Alveolar ProcessAlveolar proper (innermost component) Spongiosa (between other two layer types) Cortical Plates (outermost plates... the bread of this sandwich)
Another name for Alveolar Bone ProperCribiform plates
Another name for Cribiform platesAlveolar Bone Proper
What component of the ALVEOLAR PROCESS makes up the "boney tooth socket"Alveolar Bone Proper (AKA Cribiform Plates)
What component of the ALVEOLAR PROCESS is ABSENT in ANTERIOR teeth?Spongiosa
What separates adjacent ALVEOLI (proper)InterAlveolar SEPTUM (vascularity for PDL supplied through here)
What part of ALVEOLAR PROCESS immediately surrounds the tooth and PDL (where PDL fibers are embedded) ?Alveolar Bone PROPER (cribiform plates)
What type of bone is the cribiform plates?Lamina Dura (primary woven, never remodeled)
What type of bone formation for Alveolar Bone Proper and Alveolar supporting bone?INTRAMEMBRANEOUS
What is cribiform plate (AB Proper) called on x-rays (terminology used for mysterious reason on x-rays)Lamina Dura (primary woven bone... never remodeled)
***How wide is the Periodontal ligament?***0.15-0.38mm wide
What are the functions of the PDL?1. Shock absorption 2. Sense forces in environment 3. react to forces in environment 4. secrete factors that prevent bone/tooth union
PDL will rotate and adapt to establish _____ distribution of forces on tooth and itselfHOMOGENOUS (evenly distributed is fine too)
What cells are in PDL?Fibroblasts, Cementoblasts, Osteoblasts, Osteoclasts UMC's (undiff mesenchymal cells)
What serves as periosteum to alveolar bone and pericementum to cemeuntum simultaneously?PDL
What is the term for alveolar bone fusion to tooth root?Ankylosis
What type of cells carry out PDL remodeling?Fibroblasts
What are the most common cell type in the PDL?Fibroblasts
What is the name for PDL fibers that are embedded into bone or cementum?SHARPEY's fibers
What types of collagen can be found in the PDL?Collagen 1, 3, and 12
PRINCIPAL PDL fibers run from what to what?Tooth to Bone
GINGIVAL PDL fibers run where?? "within the gingiva"
Mnemonic for Principal PDL fibersCHOAI; Cant Hit On Any Interviewees! (feel free to come up w/ another... Cant have over abundant interracial etc.) (Crestal, Horizontal, Oblique, Apical, Interradicular)
Mnemonic for Gingival PDL fibersDADCT; DAD reads CT (Dentogingival, Alveolo-gingival, Dento-periosteal, Circular, Trans-septal)
UNMYELINATED (PDL) nerve fibers mediate what type of sensation?PAIN
LARGER (myelinated) FIBERS (PDL) nerve fibers mediate what type of sensation?PROPRIOCEPTION (spatial relationships)
SMALLER (myelinated) FIBERS (PDL) nerve fibers mediate what type of signal?autonomic signaling for blood vessels of PDL
After a Periodontal pocket has formed... what prevents PDL from reattaching to cementum?Epithelial Tissue growth (epithelial tissue growth too fast.. beats it to the punch every time)
What PDL fibers are a major contributor to Orthodontic relapse?TRANS-SEPTAL FIBERS (gingival)
What PDL fibers connect one ROOT to another ROOT?TRANS-SEPTAL
What GINGIVAL PDL fibers connect cementum to periosteum of bone?Dento-Periosteal

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