Period 3 1754-1800

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What intensified between Britain and France in the mid 18th century?Colonial rivalry
What threatened French-Indian trade networks and American Indian autonomy?the growing population of the British colonies / spreading into the interior of North America
How did Britain achieve a major expansion of its territorial holdings?by defeating the French
What set the stage for imperial efforts to raise revenue and consolidate control over colonies ?the tremendous expense of defeating the French
Why did Britain make efforts to raise revenue and consolidate control over the colonies?because of the expense that came with defeating the French, and getting their territory
What was the Impact of the French and Indian War on the American colonies?enforcement of Navigation Acts and the writs of assistance
After the British victory, what did imperial official's attempt?they attempted to prevent colonists from moving westward
What did imperial officials attempts to prevent colonists from moving westward generate? Why?colonial opposition, because native groups sought to trade with Europeans and resist the encroachments of colonists on tribal lands
What were the colonial responses to the British Acts ?it united the colonists against perceived and real constraints on their economic activates and political rights