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PERIOD 1 Summary

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Question Answer
First agricultural villages8000 BCE
First cities & Cultivation of maize in mesoamerica4000 BCE
Sumerian dominance of Mesopotamia3200 BCE
Beginning of agriculture in South America & Beginning of agriculture in New Guinea3000 BCE
Indo-European migrations3000 BCE - 1000 CE
Pyramid construction in Egypt2600 BCE - 2500 BCE
Height of Harappan society in South Asia2500 BCE - 2000 BCE
Beginning of regional empires in Mesopotamia2350 BCE
Beginning of Chinese dynastic rule2200 BCE
Beginning of Bantu migrations2000 BCE
Beginning of Aryan migrations to South Asia1500 BCE
Vedic age in South Asia1500 BCE - 500 BCE
Austronesian migrations1500 BCE - 700 CE
Rule of Hebrew King David1000 BCE - 970 BCE
Invention of ironworking in sub-Saharan Africa900 BCE
Establishment of Greek poleis800 BCE
Assyrian conquest of Israel722 BCE
New Babylonian (Chaldean) conquest of Judah586 BCE