Period 1 . 1492 - 1607

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three sister farmingsquash, beans, and corn (Southwest)
SiouxGreat Plains
ApacheGreat Plains
Iroquois Northeast
ChinookNorthwest and California
Nez PerceNorthwest and California

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Southwestmaize cultivation that caused population growth and social diversification
Great Plainslargely mobile lifestyles due to the aridity of Great Basin
NortheastMixed agriculture and hunting and gathering and developing of permanent villages
Northwest and California

Section 3

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Colombian Exchangebrought new crops to Europe from the Americas , caused population growth, mineral wealth, feudalism to capitalism
Feudalismcombination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe
CapitalismEconomic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit

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What did Spanish exploration cause?Widespread deadly epidemics and introduction to crops and animals not found in the Americas
small poxwiped 90% of all Natives
horses helped Natives in the Great Plains in means of getting a stronger military and easier hunting

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encomienda systemindian slave labor
sugar and silver production in the New Worldinsatiable demands for sugar which caused need for slaves
Juan de Sepulveda Spanish explorer in America
The Black Legendpropaganda that demonized Spaniards

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The middle passageforced voyage of enslaved Africans across Atlantic Ocean
maroon communitiesformed by free slaves
mixing of christianity with African religionAfrican slaves mixed their beliefs with catholicism which resulted in Voodoo

Section 7

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Casta systemdetermined social importance in old mexico
mestizo offspring of spaniard and a Native American
mulatto offspring of black and white parents
zambospaniard and African offspring

Section 8

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Mutual misunderstandings between Europeans and Native Americans often did what?defined the early years of interaction and trade as each group sought to make sense of each other
Did Europeans and Native Americans adopted some useful aspects of each others culture?yep yes sir