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at what appointment (or stage of treatment) do we determine if patients need perio surgery?at Re-eval following SRP
one of the endpoints to successful SRP is no pocket depths greater than ____ mm5mm
pockets of 4-6 mm benefit from SRP by receiving ___mm pocket reduction and ____ mm attachment gain1.29 pocket reduction; 0.55 mm attachment gain
SRP curette efficicacy of ____ mm (plaque and calculus free)3.73 mm
SRP instrument limit of ___ mm6.21 mm
SRP avg working time per tooth of ___ minutes35 minutes
Waerhaug found that after SRP more than 90% of cases had residual plaque & calculus in pockets greater than _________ mm5mm
Waerhaug found that after SRP more than _________% of cases had residual plaque & calculus in pockets greater than 5 mm90%
Buchanan & Robertson noted that ___ and ____ are more difficult to clean in SRP without a flappremolars & molars
Buchanan & Robertson noted that more than ___% of molar sites had residual calculus after SRP60%
T/F: we can do periodontal surgery if patients have poor oral hygieneFALSE (contraindicated)
Course of action at re-eval: Good OH; minimal inflammation with little or no BOP; pockets generally < 4 mmPeriodontal Maintenance
Course of action at re-eval: Good OH; persistent BOP in multiple sites; Multiple pockets > 5 mmSurgical Periodontal therapy
Course of action at re-eval: Poor OH; persistent BOP & deep pocketsNO SURGERY; get OH in control first
When is flap SRP more effective than non-flap SRP?when pockets are 4mm or greater
Crestal Bone Loss Following Flap Surgery ___ mm0.5 mm

incision types for specific procedures

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gingivectomyexternal bevel (blade coronal)
crown lengtheningexternal bevel (blade coronal) or internal bevel (blade apical)
gingivoplastyexternal bevel (blade coronal)
when preservation of gingiva is essential for esthetics (i.e. in anterior teeth)sulcular incision
gingival enlargementinternal bevel (blade apical)
Primary incision if sufficient width of attached gingivaInternal bevel
Primary incision with a narrow zone of attached gingivaSulcular incision
Preserves maximum soft tissue for primary flap closure in regenerative proceduressulcular incision
type of flap with all soft tissue including periosteum and exposing bonefull-thickness flap (aka mucoperiosteal)
type of flap of mucous and connective tissue that does not include periosteum and does not expose bone underlying periosteumPartial thickness flap
a flap should extend how many teeth further at each end?1.5 teeth further (at least)
type of flap for access for root planing is the ____ _____ flapmodified widman flap

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