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After SRP we must wait how long for re-eval?4-6 weeks ("at least 4 weeks")
Most objective sign of inflammation is....?BOP
Long term goal of perio surgery and perio treatment is what?preservation of peridontium
what is worse... 3mm pocket that bleeds like crazy or 5 mm with healthy non bleeding tissue?the first option bc still in disease state


DESIRED endpoint of perio therapy
Question Answer
decrease plaque accumulation to ____% or less20%
Decrease inflammation to ___% or less20%
Decrease pocket depths to ____ mm or less4 mm
patient had a heart attack or stroke... how long until you can see them?6 months
what is the greatest blood supply to the periodontium?Supraperiosteal blood vessels
what is the most common osseous defect? (number of walls)2 wall
most common type of intrabony defectcrater
what osseous defect has the best prognosis?3 wall, b/c of blood supply
is thick bone or thick bone more prone to one-wall/moat defects?thick
what is it called where the inter proximal bone is more apical than the bone around teeth?reverse architecture
T/F: reverse architecture is where the inter proximal bone is apical to the facial/ lingual bone. TRUE
which sutures are non absorbable?silk and nylon
what grows slower? osteoblasts, epithelial cells?osteoblasts
how many days for epithelial attachment healing?1-2 weeks (7-14 days)
does the less favorable response of the periodontal tissues to non-surgical therapy that is observed in current smokers also apply to surgical therapy? YES YES YES
Pt with BP 150/95 diabetic on metformin last A1c was 6.8. Ok to treat?yes

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