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Question Answer
T/F - Cytokines & MMPs kill your tissue. PMNs & AntiBs go after bacteria. Antigens & virulence factors --> inflammT
In the U.S ___ million people have periodontitis. ___million are severe.46 million, 12 million (severe / aggressive
You do non-surgical perio Tx then wait _________-_________ weeks for re-eval. 4-6 weeks (may then do maintenance, nonsurgical or surgical tx)
Arestin is 1mg of ____.minocycline
PerioChip is 2.5mg of ______.chlorohexidine gluconate
What was the mean PD reduction effect of local tetracycline/minocycline? 0.5mm
What are our 1st choice of antibiotics?amoxicillin and metronidazole (500mg for 8 days)
When do you give antibiotics?after nonsurgical treatment when re-eval
You do surgical tx when there are...deep periodontal defects


Question Answer
25kHz frequency the active tip is __mm. 50kHz frequency the active tip is ___mm.4.3mm, 2.3mm
Ultrasonic scaler - removes plaque, calculus and bits of ___ ___ from gingival crevice walls.inflamed tissue
____ = speed/energy output. ____ = length of stroke.frequency, amplitude
Ultrasonic scaler - oscillating tip is primary mode, irrigant provides cooling, ____ turbulence, streaming and cavitation.acoustic
Magnetostrictive scaler - ____ tip movement.elliptical (all surfaces are active)
Piezoelectric scaler - electrical dimensional changes in ____ causes generation of high vibrational energy.crystals
Piezoelectric scaler - ____ tip movement.linear (2 lateral sides are active)
Crown down technique is associated with ___ scaler.Piezoelectric
Dentinal tubules - is ALL exposed dentin sensitive?no no no no !
Did cavemen have dentin hypersensitivity?probably
T/F - Dentin hypersensitivity is transient tooth pain that responds to like thermal, tactile or osmotic stimuli.T (primary cause - exposed dentin tubules)
T/F - Root planing will lead to exposure of dentin tubules.T
T/F - Open dentin tubules can be 1. dead tracts 2. normal 3. sclerosed or 4. tertiary dentin formed.T
Dead tracts, normal, sclerosed, teritary dentin. What's MOST painful?dead tracts (big holes basically)
Range for dentin hypersensitivity is 12ish to +70. What's the peak incidence?20-40 years old (females more sensitive because better oral hygiene... wait what?!?!?!)
T/F - Cervical dentin hypersensitivity in periodontal patients is 73-98%.T (much higher than normal populace)
Dentin hypersensitivity is mostly buccal, cervical zone. Name the teeth from most common to least to have.canines, 1st premolars, incisors, 2nd premolars, molars
T/F - Nonsurgical/surgical perio can cause gingival recession.T (gargoyles)
Name some recession for gingival recession.Inadequate attached gingiva, tobacco, prominent root, toothbrush abrasion, SRP, perio surgery, tooth picking, eating hard foods, excessive cleaning/flossing, NUG or periodontitis or herpetic gingivostomatosis, aging and crown preparation
Thin gingiva, prominent roots, dehiscence, fenestration, frenum pull, ortho, hygiene, tobacco, hormone fluctuations, poor nutrition, aging, ging/perio, and SRP can all cause...gingival recession
____% of teeth don't have cementum covering the dentin all the way to the CEJ.10%
Dentin caries - _________-_________ pH. Enamel caries ___ pH.6.0-6.8 pH and 5.5pH
Bleaching sensitivity is commonly associated with _________ _________.carbamide peroxide (byproducts of the 10% soln - 3% H2O2 and 7% urea very soluble - reversible pulpitis)
T/F - In predentin and inner dentin, only 100-150 micrometers away from pulp, the dentinal tubules have nerve endings, BUT a small number of nerve endings can pass between odontoblast cell bodies to enter dentinal tubules.T
Heat makes fluid flow _____ pulp. Cold makes fluid flow ____ pulp.towards, away from
Dessication of dentin can cause outward flow of dentinal fluid at _________-___mm/s.2-3 mm/s
Heat, cold, airblasts causing dentin hypersensitivity -- _________ fibers are activated.A fibers (AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhh fibers)
Heat applied long enough for dentin-pulp border to increase several degrees Celsius. _________ fibers may respond.C fibers (coffee fibers)
Below of the odontoblasts you can find the plexus of _____.plexus of Raschkow
Potassium nitrate - K+ ions prevent nerve from
PulpDent and Gluma basically make a dentin plug via _____. It's a collagen cross-linker, making demin dentin stiffer.Glutaraldehyde
T/F - Silver nitrate can precipitate proteins associated with odontoblastic processes, BUT permanently stains teeth black.... so not really sold.T
Dentinal fluid is full of ___ and ____. When you add fluoride, CaF2 precipitates and plugs.calcium and phosphate


Question Answer
Goals of Perio - PI less than ___%, BOP less than ___%, pockets less than ___mm and gain or at least no loss of CAL.20%, 20%, 4mm (all are really less than or equal to)
SRP - PD 4-6mm you can gain ___ CAL. >7mm ___ CAL.0.55mm and 1.29mm (<4mm might lose CAL)
SRP significantly reduces the percentage of ___ bacteria.spirochetes
SRP studies - must also have _________ _________ in order to reduce BOP.plaque control
Healing Time Line - 1) initial fibrin clot protects sulcular area 2) epithelium starts covering by 2nd day 3) 7-14 days long junctional epithelium attachment 4) Primary results of healing _________-_________ weeks 5) Improvement in collagen may continue up to 9 months3-4 weeks
SRP effects - 1) g- to g+ 2) reduces ___ bacteria in plaque 3) reduces _________-pigmented bacteroides 4) reduces levels of endotoxinmotile, black
Eval PI and GI each appt. Eval BOP, PD, and CAL _________-_________ weeks post-tx.4-6 weeks
What does D.I.G.O stand for?drug induced gingival overgrowth


Question Answer
Crown margin - you need __mm of tooth structure between the crest of the bone and the crown margin.3mm (biologic width. MINIMUM OF 2mm with subgingival margins)
Why might you need sub-gingival margins?1. Esthetics 2. Previous restoration 3. Caries 4. Retention
What's worse - over contouring or under contouring?OVER-contouring (plaque at gingival margin - better gingival health at under-contoured sites)
Contact area should be __mm above CEJ in ALL TEETH.3mm (this seems like something we should have learned in occlusion...)
Contact area should be ___mm above bone.5mm
Epinephrine, zinc chloride, tannic acid, and aluminum are things you might find in...retraction cord
Is it okay to let the retraction cord dry a little?NO NO NO
Electrosurgery - limited to ___ (thick, thin) tissue.thick (set to cut, not to coagulate ... I don't know what any of this means really)
BEWARE - ____ can give a false impression of good periodontal health.bleach (reduces supragingival plaque, inflammation at margin, but DOES NOT eliminate BOP or subging)
Fix what first? - plaque control/SRP or overhangs/open contacts?plaque control + SRP comes before secondary etiology factors of overhangs/ open contacts etc.
Abnormal forces on normal periodontium is ____ trauma from occlusion.primary
Normal forces on compromised periodontium is ___ trauma from occlusion.secondary
Does trauma from occlusion alter periodontal prognosis?no! ( no more loss of attachment, no more loss of bone)