Perineum Muscles Actions & Pelvic Girdle with O,A,I

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External Anal SpinchterKeeps anal canal closed
Internal Anal SphincterKeeps anal canal closed
Levator AniSupports pelvic viscera (kegal)

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Sartorius OriginAnterior superior iliac spine
Sartorius InsertionSuperior medial surface of tibia
Sartorius ActionFlex, abduct, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee
Quadriceps(._. )
Rectus Femoris OriginAnterior inferior iliac spine
Rectus Femoris InsertionTibial tuberosity and patella
Rectus Femoris ActionFlexes thigh, extends knee
Vastus Lateralis OriginGreater trochanter
Vastus Lateralis Insertion Tibial tuberosity and patella
Vastus Lateralis ActionExtends knee
Vastus Medialis OriginLinea aspera
Vastus Medialis InsertionTibial tuberosity and patella
Vastus Medialis ActionExtends knee
Vastus Intermedius InsertionTibial tuberosity and patella
Vastus Intermedius ActionExtends knee
Tensor Fasciae Latae ActionFlexes &laterally rotates thigh

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Iliopsoas (combined psoas major & iliacus) ActionFlexes thigh (most powerful flexor)
Abductors Brevis, Longus, Mangus ActionAdduction, flexion, rotation of thigh
Gracilis OriginPubis
Gracilis InsertionSuperior medial surface of tibia
Gracilis ActionAdducts and medially rotates thigh
Pectineus ActionAdducts and flexes thigh
Obturator Internus ActionAbducts thigh; stabilizes the hip during walking
Piriformis OriginSarcum
Piriformis InsertionGreater trochanter
Piriformis ActionLaterally rotates thigh

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Gluteus Maximus OriginDorsal ilium, coccyx,& sarcum
Gluteus Maximus InsertionGluteal tuberosity
Gluteus Maximus ActionExtends, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh
Gluteus Medius ActionAbducts and medially rotates thigh
Quadratic Femoris OriginIschial tuberosity
Quadratic Femoris InsertionIntertrochanteric crest
Quadratic Femoris ActionLaterally rotates & Adducts thigh

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Biceps Femoris Origin Long &Short Head(Long head) Ischial tuberosity, (Short head) Linea aspera
Biceps Femoris Insertion Head of fibula & lateral condyle of tibia
Biceps Femoris ActionExtends thigh, flexes knee
Semitendinosus OriginIschial tuberosity
Semitendinosus InsertionSuperior medial aspect of tibia
Semitendinosus ActionExtends thigh, flexes knee
Semimembranosus OriginIschial tuberosity
Semimembranosus InsertionMedial condyle of tibia
Semimembranosus ActionExtends thigh, flexes knee