People's Culture - December 13, 2017

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Question Answer
EthnocentrismBelief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture.
RacismDiscrimination toward another group.
EthnopsychologySpecific ethnic characteristics of specific groups.
Rationalized labor forceWhoever owns the means of production wants to maximize profit.
Social “power”Ability to make things happen.
Example: I want to make a railroad but don’t have cheap labor, so I will pay off government to create laws to allow other ethnicities into United States so I can use them as cheap labor.
LobbyistsPersuasive people with a voice that try to change or create legislation, paid to lobby businessmen and senators.
TraumaDistressing or disturbing experience.
PedophileA person sexually attracted to children.
John Birch SocietyRadical right organization prominent in the 1950s-1960s, concerned with communism.
James BrydAfrican American who was murdered by three white supremacists in 1998.
Matthew ShepardUniversity of Wyoming student who was beaten, tortured and died in 1998 after suffering severe head injuries.
Aryan RaceRacial grouping of European and Western Asian heritage.
Poll taxEmerged during the Jim Crow laws, prerequisite to register for voting in numerous states. African Americans plantation slaves got no money so they could not vote because they could not pay poll tax.
Eugenics MovementHereditary improvement of the human race by selective breeding.
OutsourceObtained goods or service from an outside or foreign supplier.
“Big House”Prison or house where slave master lives.
Speak EasyPlace where illegal activities took place.
Example: Places that sold alcohol during Prohibition.
MoonshineWhat people called alcoholic beverages during Prohibition.

Historical Migration of Waves

Question Answer
Original groupNative Americans (tribe)
Wave 11492
FADES (French, Africans, Dutch, English - WASPS, Spanish)
Wave 21776
S-BIGS (Scandinavians, British, Irish, Germans, Scotch-Irish)
Wave 31865
PIG-RJC (Polish, Italians, Germans, Russian Jews, Czechs)
Wave 41945
PICK-MVC (Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Cubans)
Wave 1 migration reasonsRECT (rule of a king, economics, church struggles, taxation)

Identity Formation

Question Answer
Familyrelationship to parents, with siblings, with grandparents
Environmentlocation (inner-city, outer-city, rural), socioeconomic status/class system ([lmu] lower, [lmu] middle, [lmu] upper)
  Education: level of education
Question Answer
Religionformalized and ritualized relationship with a supernatural being
Valuesimportance you attach to various things
BeliefsYour opinions on trust, faith, or confidence
Political partiesview, change. Your opinion on how the government should help better the world.
Ethnicity: Your culture, ancestry
Nationality: Belonging to a particular nation


Question Answer
Amendment 1Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression
Amendment 2Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3Quartering of Soldiers
Amendment 4Search and Seizure
Amendment 5Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings
Amendment 6Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses
Amendment 7Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
Amendment 8Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Amendment 9Construction of Constitution
Amendment 10Powers of the States and People
Amendment 11Judicial Limits
Amendment 12Choosing the President, Vice President
Amendment 13Slavery Abolished
Amendment 14Citizenship Rights
Amendment 15Race No Bar to Vote
Amendment 16Status of Income Tax Clarified
Amendment 17Senators Elected by Popular Vote
Amendment 18Liquor Abolished (Prohibition)
Amendment 19Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20Presidential, Congressional Terms
Amendment 21Amendment 18 Repealed
Amendment 22Presidential Term Limits
Amendment 23Presidential Vote for District of Columbia
Amendment 24Poll Taxes Barred
Amendment 25Presidential Disability and Succession
Amendment 26Voting Age Set to 18 Years
Amendment 27Limiting Changes to Congressional Pay