Penicillin - PHARM2

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What is the most commonly used type of AB's bc they have the widest spectrum of AB activityB-Lactams (penicillin for example)
T/F - Beta Lactam antibiotics have the widest spectrum of antibiotic activity.T
Penicillin has 2 rings. ____ & ___thiazolidine & Beta-lactam
Name 2 PBPs (penillicin binding proteins)transpeptidase & carboxypeptidase
Bulky side chain help with...amidase inhibition
T/F - Beta lactamase inhibitors are suicide inhibitors. T
Prophylaxis for rheumatic fever or bacterial endocarditislong acting penicillin (procaine penicillin - 28 days)
Can you mix and match shit like Augmentin Sulbactam Amoxicillin Ampicillin?fuck no. follow the rules.
NSAID or Probenacid will ____ (increase/decrease) penicillin half life.increase (decreases renal excretion)
Does penicilloic acid have antibacterial properties?no
Does 6-aminopencicillanic acid have antibacterial properties?yes, some.
T/F - Common oral infections include orofacial abscesses, pulpal/periapical infections and ANUG.T
T/F - Staph aeurus and strep viridans cause lots of oral infections.T
Cell wall of bacteria is made up of both ____ and ____NAG & NAM
Which penicillin drug is relatively resistant to B-Lactamase?Methicillin
What are the two most commonly used penicillins?Pen V and Amoxicillin
_____ acid binds irreversibly to B-lactamase and protects antibiotic so it can workClavulonic
_____ inhibition occurs via attaching bulky side chain on drug that prevents bond from enzymeAmides
Penicillin V has a _____ linkage which makes it more acid resistanceMethyl
Semi-synthetic penicillins do not target gram ______ bacteriaGram negative
Most frequently used penicillin for oral infectionsPen G
T/F: Amoxicillin has superior pharmacokinetic, less GIT problems, and broad spectrum propertiesTrue
Which penicillin is least likely to cause diarrhea?Amoxicillin
T/F: with penicillin use immune complexes may form in renal tubules and if complement is fixed, it is possible to get renal damage
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T/F: Oral penicillin may be antagonized by bacteriostatic antibiotic (tetracycline, erythromycin, clindamycin)True
____'s and ______ may inc serum ½ lives of penicillin by dec their renal excretionNSAID's & Probenecid
Penicillins should be avoided in those with previous allergic history or those taking _____ anticoagulantsCoumadin
two enzymes or PBP's targeted by penicillinstranspeptidase and carboxypeptidase


Question Answer
Penicillin V250-500mg (every 6 hours) (4 times day)
Amoxicillin250-500mg (every 8 hours) (3 times day)
Amoxicillin & Clavulanate250-500mg (every 8 hours) (3 times day)
Erythromycin250-500mg (every 6 hours) (4 times day)
Clindamycin150-450mg (every 6 hours) (4 times day)
Metronidazole250-500mg (every 8 hours) (3 times day)
Ciprofloxacin250-500mg (every 12 hours) (2 times day)

Beta-Lactam structure

Question Answer
consists of two rings (Thiazolidine ring & B-lactam ring) which is pentagonal (5-sided)?Thiazolidine ring
consists of two rings (Thiazolidine ring & B-lactam ring) which is square shaped (4 sided)?B-Lactam ring

Which Penicillin am I?

Question Answer
No gram - activityMethicillin
Small gram - activityPenicillin G
Some Beta-lactamase resistance (staph)Methicillin (due to bulky side chains)
Injection, IV, IMPenicillin G
Only 20% absorbedPenicillin G
60% absorbed - most frequently used dental infection antibioticPenicillin V
Upsets GI quite a bitAmpicillin
_________ + Clavulonic Acid = AugmentinAmoxicillin
1. Penicillin G 2. Methicillin 3. Carbenicillin & Ticarcillin 4. _________ _________ & _________Penicillin V, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin
_____ + ________ = UnasynAmpicillin + Sulbactam
Ticarcillin + clavulanate = ___Timentin
Piperacillin + Tazobactam = ____Zosyn
Taken orally because relatively acid stablePenicillin V
Less GI upsetAmoxicillin
Pt is allergic to penicillin. Now what?Clindamycin or Erythromycin

which penicillin group

Question Answer
Penicillin G1
Carbenicillin & Ticarcillin3
Penicillin V, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin4

Beta Lactamase Groups

Question Answer
Cephalosporinase not well inhibited by clavulonic acidGroup 1
Penicillinases, cepahlosporinases, and Beta lactamases that are inhibited by some Beta lactamase inhibitorsGroup 2
Metallo Beta lactamases that are poorly inhibited by almost all enzyme inhibitorsGroup 3
Penicillinases not inhibited by clavulonic acidGroup 4