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5 categories of practice frameworkperformance skills, patterns, activity demands, client factors, context&environment
3 means of estabilishing service competencydirect observations, vidoetaping, and cotreating
3 components of OT processeval, intervention, and outcomes
definition of Evalwhats the problem, history, patterns, and assessments
definition of interventionplan, implement, and review
definition of outcomeshow well the goals are being achieved
what are the duties of OT in pedsresponsible for whole process and supervising
OTA duty in pedsassist with screening, assessment, and discharge...and provide intervention

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key ingredient for intervention successdevelop trusting/collaborating relationshipd with famillies
4 normal stagesbirth, marriage, leaving home, and death
when meeting a family for the first time you shouldcurious on how they adapted to child, utilize fam resources, consider routines
addresses how families function as system and how that affects our role as an OTfamily system theory
emphasizes importance of team collaboration WITH family planning on treatment and goalsfamily cenetered approach
ask _________ questions instead of ___how; why

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Referral in a med setting must come from a dr
what stage of care is OTA more qualified to impllement servicePICU
roles of COTA in med settingconduct screeinging, collaborate with OT, intervention, document, and collaborating with team on developing dc plan
medical systems are mandated bypayer source
may be directly or indirectly involved with the child and family but do not necessarily consult or interact with each other.multidisciplinary
A team comprising of professionals from several disciplines have frequent direct involvement with the child and collaborate with each other on the child’s care program. Although evaluations are performed independently by each discipline, program planning is carried out by group consensus, and goals are set collaboratively between the professionals and the parentsinterdisciplinary
involves collaboration among various disciples, one team member is usually designated to intervene directly, and the other team member acts as consultantstransdisciplinary
used to encourage frequent team member collaboration. It allows for informal and impromptu communication between 2-3 team members. individual vs group
what is interventionimplementing treatment

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IEP stands forindividualized education plan
voluntary mediation or impartial to resolve differences with the school that cannot be resolved informally, when the right to a free appropriate public education is hindereddue process
right for special needs to be in classroom whenever possible least restrictive environment
inclusion and least restrictive, includes due process and also takes away for IEPEHA
Education of handicapped actiep, due process, related services, least restrictive environment, and EHA
rehabilitiation act and ADA prohibits discrimination inemployment transportation accessibility and telecommunication
added part to ehaearly intervention from birth-3; incorporates IFSP
IDEA encourages inclusive model of intervention and integrative model
IDEA role of OT is to assistspecial needs child to perform in regular classroom
no child left behind actstronger accountability, more freedom, proven education method, more choices for parents
COTA role in educationstandardized assess at competency level
3 servicesdirect, monitor, and consultative
therapist’s expertise used to assist other personnel to assist the child in meeting the goals and objectives. consultative service
monitor child’s progress in a program established by the OTmonitoring service
individual/group servicedirect service
ota role in iep meetingto report finding/recommendations
Educational setting, OT is mandated bystate laws
IFSP is reviewed every 6 months
IEP is done ever ___ years; reviewed every ___ years3; 1
child that qualifies for 504 plan must have impariement that restricts one or more major life activites
2 examples of accomodations for 504 planseat assisgnment or diabetic child may eat in class
rehabilitiation act and ADA public schools cannotdiscrimnate against disabled person
rehabilitiation act and ADA both acts to protect disabled person
rights of parent/childnotify proposed action, consent to evaluate, to attend IEP mtg, independent evals, appeal school decisions, informed of rights in writing

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deliver services in setting that is acceptable/appropriate for successful intervention servicecommunity systems
natrual environment where person works, plays, and performscommunity
what is the largest community that employs OT'sschool systems
**Components of use of sself**advocate, collaborate, emphasize, encourage, instruct, problem solve
what is necessary to be culturally competentself awareness and knowledge/willingness of culture
change in test, but it does not lower or alter the standard the test (extended time or another location)accomidation
(cognitive disability) it changes the test by lowering the level; it invalidates the test (at a different level as their peers)modification