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2 yearsjumps down from steps
2.5 yearsHops on 1 foot. Few steps.
3 yearsJumps off floor with both feet.
3 to 5 yearsJumps over objects.
3.5 to 5 yearsHops on 1 foot.
3-4 yearsGallop leading with left foot and transferring weight smoothly and evenly.
5 yearsHops in straight line.
5-6 yearsSkips on alternating feet, maintaining balance.

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Newborn reachingvisual regard with closed/batting hand
4 mos reachinghands midline for bilateral reaching; shoulders abducted partial IR, forearm pronation full finger extension
6 mos reachingIncrease dissociation allows for unilateral reaching. Hand more open.
9 mos reachingTrunk stability improves, shoulder flexion with ER; elbow, forearm supination and slight wrist extension

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natal grasping pelletno voluntary grasp or visual attention
3 mos grasping pelletno attempt to grasp but visually attends
6 mos grasping pelletraking and contacting object
7 mos grasping pelletinferior-scissor grasp; raking object into palm with adducted totally flexed thumb and fingers or 2 partially extended fingers
8 mos grasping pelletscissor grasp; bwt thumb and index finger. distal thumb jt flexed, prox extended.
9 mos grasping pelletinferior pincer: grasp pellet bwt frontal surface of thumb and index finger. Beginning of thumb opposition.
10 mos grasping pelletpincer grasps: bwt distal pads of thumb and index finger. thumb opposed.
12 mos grasping pelletFM pincer grasp: bwt fingertips or fingernails. Distal thumb jt flexed.

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neonate grasp cubevisually attends to cube; grasp is reflexive.
3 mos grasp cubevisually attends, may swipe, grasp possible only upon contact and use of ulnar sd, no thumb, wrist flexed.
4 mos grasp cubeprimitive squeeze grasp; ulnar palmar grasp; approaches within 1 inch; no thumb, wrist flexed, crude.
5 mos grasp cubepalmar grasp; fingers press object into palm, thumb adducted.
6 mos grasp cuberadial palmar grasp; fingers on far side press cube into opposed thumb and radial side of palm.
7 mos grasp cuberadial palmar grasp; wrist straight.
8 mos grasp cuberadial digital grasp;
9 mos grasp cuberadial digital grasp wrist extended

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bilateral hand use asymmetric up to mos.3
bilateral hand use symmetric emerges mos.10
12-18 mos bilateral hand usebaby uses both hands for different functions
18-24 mos bilateral hand usemanipulation skills emerge
2.5 years bilateral hand use2 different hands for 2 VERY different functions

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12-15 mos manipulating skillsfinger to palm translation (picking up coins)
2 to 2.5 years manipulating skillspalm to finger translation
shiftlinear movement of object
simple rotationon finger surfaces repositioning of an object in pads of fingers
3-5 years manipulating skillsseperating two pieces of paper
3-6 years manipulating skillsrolling piece of clay into a ball
5-6 years manipulating skillsshift on marker or pencil
2 - 2.5 years manipulating skillsunscrewing a bottle cap 90 degrees
6-7 years manipulating skills*complex rotation; turning a pencil 360 degrees
6-7 years manipulating skillsin-hand manipulation; several objects in hand; manipulation of 1 object while stabilizing others.

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