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Question Answer
Non-operative treatment for HAV with FF adductusShoe modifications, hallux splints, orthoses to control pronation, exercises, physical therapy
Recurrence rate of HAV with FF adductus25-60%
When should HAV with FF adductus surgery be considered?Between pubescence and skeletal maturity of foot bones
What are the goals of non-operative treatment of HAV with FF adductus?Stabilizing the deformity to stop additional progression and to reverse the deformity state
What non-operative treatment is useless for HAV with FF adductus?Exercise and physical therapy
% of recurrence after surgery for HAV25-60%, very high
How does functional biomechanics play a role in HAV?Abnormal pronation and sagittal instability of the first ray are a factor in HAV progression
What are special cases that surgery needs to be done for HAV?Severe infantile HAV in 1st or 2nd year of life, HAV deformity distal to 1st MTPJ (osteotomy of 1st proximal phalanx), child with disabling subjective symptoms, rapid progression of deformity