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what is harada ito used to treat?superior oblique palsy
what are intorters?SO and SR
Periocular fat adherence causes post-op restrictive strabismus.OK
blood supply to anterior segment is 50% long posterior 50% anterior ciliarycoooool…most get better!
law discussing length tension curve?starling
Faden suture fixes what kind of strab?nothing in primary but weakens in the direction of gaze toward faden muscle
duane syndrome is physiologically what?agenesis of 6th nerve with misdirection of 3rd nerve… fissue narrowing on adduction ipsilateral to lesion
synergists are which pairs?SR and IO… SO/IR
antagonists are which pairs?SO/IO and SR/IR
how much muscle does it take to initiate saccade?80%...lack of it = weakness
which develops later smooth or saccadic pursuits?smooth at 2-3 monhts… saccadic 2-3 wks
what apparent deviation on Hirschberg is positive angle kappa?exo…but not true strabismus..temporal foveal dragging

peds2 march 8

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congenital aqueductal stenosis can cause dorsal midbraine syndromein elderly → can be midbrain stroke
absent fix and follow should be worked up when?at 12 months.
when do unilateral cataracts get taken out?before 6 weeks, 10 weeks for bilateral
PHACES stands for what?posterior fossa malformation, arterial abnormalities, cardiac defect, eye abnormalities, sternal defects...high risk of ispilateral cerebrovascular malformation in S1 hemangioma patients
dampening of jerk nystagmus or paradoxical nystagmus in what?congenital motor nystagmus
slab off makes what kind of prism?Base up..add to more minus or least plus lens
reverse slab off makes what kind of prism?base down… add to more plus/less minus
for plus plower lenses, what reduces image displacement?round top
for minus power lenses, what reduces image displacement?flat-top
nodal point to cornea?5.5
nodal point to retina?17 mm
axial length of eye?22.5
index of refraction of schematic eye model eye?1.33
Power of model eye?60
sum the focal lengths between lenses in what telescope?kepler
kepler objective lenses are plus or minus, eyepiece lenses are plus or minusboth plus
image from kepler is upright or inverted?inverted
galilean objective lenses are plus or minus, eyepiece lenses are plus or minusplus objective… (minus eyepiece)
image from galilean is upright or inverted?inverted
how are galilean lenses separated?by difference in focal lenghts
heer with your ears~heerfordt
lofgren syndrome is what?hilar adenopathy with sarcoid
autosomal dominant optic atrophy is the most common hereditary optic neuropathy. OPA1 mutation on chromosme 3. GTPase