Peds rashes

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neonatal rashes

asymptomatic, scattered erythematous macules, papules and pustules throughout the body
Question Answer
vesicular lesions, CNS involvementneonatal HSV
fever ranges from vesicular clusters to fulminant diseaseneonatal varicella
fever, irritability, diffuse erythema, followed by blistering and exfoliation; positive nikolskystaph scalded skin
numerous umbilicated vesicles superimposed on atopic dermatitisEczema herpeticum
blanching red-brown rash on face and chestMeasles rash
face sparing, diffuse macular rash after high feversRoseola
Lacy descending rash on the cheeksParvovirus B19: erythema infectiosum
"sandpaper rash" on trunk spreading out, followed by palm and sole desquamationScarlet fever (S. pyogenes)
descending maculopapular rashRubella (togavirus)
skin loop rash with thin red bordersARF (S. pyogenes)
eczema herpeticumprimary herpes virus infection that is associated with atopic dermatitis. in infants may be life threatening
varicellavesicular eruption
thick crusted facial lesions that are honey coloredimpetigo