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• Most significant concern with refeeding syndromehypophosphatemia
• ADPKD vs ARPKDDominant seen in teens, aneurysms, Recessive seen in neonates, pulmonary hypoplasia leading to potter sequence + hepatic fibrosis
• Newborn with unilateral abdominal mass and no other problemsmulticystic dysplastic kidney disease. Polycistic disease is bilateral
• What organism can cause spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in a kid with minimal change disease?strep pneumo
• Sudden onset SOB, wheezing, stridor, inspiratory difficulty, steroids don't helpvocal cord dysfunction
• Small mandible, cleft in palate, breathes well when prone, not when supine in a neonatepierre Robin sequence
• 6 month old born at 29 weeks has tachypnea, x ray shows cystic lesions with hyperinflation and atelectasis. Required supplemental O2 to maintain O2 saturationbronchopulmonary dysplasia
• Part of lung replaced by cystic nonfunctional lung tissue congenitallycongenital pulmonary adenomatoid malformation (CPAM)
• Red eyes, painful urination, diffuse red rash, cough, runny nose in a babyadenovirus
• Treat apnea of prematuritycaffeine. This happens b/c of immaturity of central respiratory drive
• Fever, neckpain, enlarged tonsils, Uvula deviated to one sideperitonsillar abscess
• Toddler with fever, stiff neck, dysphagia, difficulty opening mouth, refuses to turn head one way, widening of tissues on x ray between airway and spineretropharyngeal abscess
• Coxsackie B virus can cause mycodarditisjust know this
• "Blueberry muffin" rashcongenital rubella, will have cataracts, deafness, PDA too
• Treatment for supraventicular tachycardia?if stable, adenosine. If unstable, cardiovert
• Biopsy of sural nerve for CMT shows axonal degeneration
• Treatment for vulvovaginitis in a 3 year old?avoid buble baths
• Neonate with hard nontender mass within the SCM that presents when the head is tilted to one sidefibromatosis coli aka congenital torticollis
• Fusion of cervical vertibrae causing short neck, unable to move head fully from side to side, low hairline, hearing lossklippel Feil syndrome
• Child falls on outstretched armsupracondylar fracture
• Pain at night relieved with NSAIDsosteoid osteoma
• Treatment for galactosemiaswitch to soy formula
• Babies introduced to supplemental foods before 6 months of ageatopy
• If baby has milk protein allergy, what do you do?switched to hydrolyzed formula. If that doesn't work, switch to amino acid based formula
• How to confirm rickets?25 hydroxyvitamin D levels
• 8 YO with "racoon" rash and palpable rash on her joints, difficulty living her head off the tablejuvenile dermatomyositis
• Treatment for familial mediternean fever?colchicine. Risk of amyloidosis if left untreated
• Fanconi anemia, increased risk forAML
• Hemoglobin barts on newborn Hb electrophoresisalpha thalasemia
• Prophylaxis for neonate with sickle cell anemiapenicillin VK by 2 months
• When is the latest testes should descend by ?4 months
• Parasitic worm infection that can cause small bowel obstructionascaris lumbricoides
• Tx of choice for c diff infectionoral metro
• Duodenal trauma x ray findings?duodenal hematoma with bilious emesis
• Spider angiomas, IgA deficiency, cerebellar defects, repeated sinopulmonary infections. Autosomal recessiveataxia telangiectasias
• Treatment for Chronic granulomatous diseaseINF gamma
• Predisposition to lymphoma with this disease - impaired neutrophil chemotaxischediak higashi
• Generalized rash, hepatomegaly, hypofibronigenemia, hyperlipidemia, elevated ferritn, thrombocytopenia, neutropeniaHemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Langerhans histiocytosis has petechial rashes, lytic bone lesions, and bone marrow infiltration causing cytopenias
• Frequent N meningitidis infections, think ofC8 deficiency
• C1 inhibitor deficiencyhereditary angioedema
• Failure to shed primary teeth, increased IgE, eczema, coarse facies, abscessesHyper IgE syndrome (Job syndrome)
• Thrombocytopenia, eczema, low IgM levels, frequent pneumonia infectionsWiskott Aldrich