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screening test for lead targetted blood level
confirmatory test for lead venous-sample
clinical presentation of Blackfan-Diamondshort stature, webbed nick, cleft lip, shielded chest and triphalangeal thumbs
pure red cell anemia (Blackfan-Diamond)very low retic count, increased RBC ADA
physical abnormalities in Fanconiabsent or hypoplastic thumbs, short stature
clinical presentation of hereditary spherocytosisanemia and hyperbillirubinemia in children
confirmation HSosmotic fragility test
labs for SStarget cells, sickle RBCs, howell jolly (loss of splenic function)
vitamin K deficiency decrease in factors II, VII, IX, X, C and S
clinical presentation of ITPsudden onset of petechiae and purpura
labs for ITPdecreased platelets, increased platelet size, bone marrow increased megakaryocytes
treatment for ITPIVIG for 1-2 days then prednisone
maintenance treatment for SSvaccination, penicillin (until age 5), folic acid supplementation, hydroxyurea
acute pain crises treatmenthydration, analgesia, +/_ transfusion

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ALL symptomsbone and joint pain
viruses that causes hodgkinEBV virus
tumor lysis syndromehyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, hyperuricemia. corticosteroids are contraindicated because they can precipitate tumor lysis syndrome
diagnostic hallmark of hodgkinsRS cell
viruses that cause non hodgkinEBV
mc brain tumor in kidsastrocytoma


Question Answer
Wilms tumor associated withaniridia and hemihypertrophy and does not cross the midline
neuroblastomaassociated with clonus and may cross the midline
onion skinningEwing sarcoma
sunburst lytic bone lesionsosteosarcoma

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