Peds Exanthems

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Question Answer
EncephalitisMC viral (CMV)
Erythema infectiosum(5th disease): parvovirus B19. Slapped cheek extends to trunk/extremities.
Hand Foot Mouth diseasecoxsackie virus. Buccal mucosa, tongue and hard palate.
HerpanginaEnterovirus & Coxsackie Virus; gray papulovesicles with erythematous base, not on soft palate/pharynx. More posterior.
MumpsParamyxovirus. Bilateral parotitis w/ increased serum amylase.
Acute Otitis MediaStrep pneumoniae MC
PertussisBordatella pertussis; paroxysmal cough (10-30 coughs with whoops) + vomiting with coughing spell.
Roseola infantumHHV6; MC viral exanthema in children < 2yo. Fever, fever dissipates, then pink non pruritic maculopapular rash appears at neck/trunk and spreads to face/extremities. Think “phantom”: the fever disappears.
Rubella (German measles)Togavirus (Germans in togas) Forcheimer’s spots on posterior soft/hard palate. Pink, discrete maculopapular rash at hairline, spreading to neck and trunk. Desquaminates.
Rubeola (measles)Paramyxovirus; morbilloform rash starts at hairline and spreads to face, neck and trunk; desquamates. 4 C’s. Koplick’s spots = enanthem.
Scarlet FeverGABHS. Sandpaper rash and strawberry tongue
Strep pharyngitisGABHS. Point system
ThrushCandida: White coating of mouth, bleeds of scraped off. Pseudohyphae on KOH.
VaricellaVZV virus. macules-> vesicles->pustules-> crusting over. Different phases simultaneously. Includes palms and soles. “dewdrops on rose petals"
Croup (laryngotracheobronchitis)Parainfluenza, RSV, adenovirus. Steeple sign on XR. Barking cough, stridor, worse at night.
BronchiolitisMainly RSV (also parainfluenza and adenovirus).
EpiglottitisHaemophilis B.
Pityriasis rosaceaHHV7

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