Peds Development

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< 33 weeksFed via non-oral means
>35 weeksjaw & tongue movements strong enough to feed
40 weeksrooting reflexes, gag reflex, and cough reflex
4-5 mosmunching; phasic bite
6 mosstrong up/down of tongue
7-8 mosbeginning of masticationof soft mashed food; diagonal jaw movement.
9 moslateral tongue movemen, drink from cup
12 mosjaw firm rotary chewing, eats hard cookie
24 mosable to chew most meats and veggies

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6-9 moschild finds obj after watching it disappear
6-9 moschild uses movement to get what wants (if can't walk to the toy, roll to it)
6-9 moschild attends to consequence/effect of action and repeats (bang toy to hear the noise)
9-12can use tool after demonstration
9-12goal directed behavior emerges and child performs action to produce a response
12-15recruits help from adult to achieve goal
12-15child attempts to activiate simple mechanism
12-15turns and inspects objects; trial and error approach to new challenges.
18-21 moschild attends to shapes and uses appropriately
child begins to think before acting18-21
trial and error replaced with thought process18-21
can operate on - off switch18-21
18-21can predict effects or presume causes.

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24-27 mosdiscriminates size
24-30 moschild can build with blocks horizontally/vertically
27-30 moscan map a plan in minds eye; sees relationship between experience (balloon pops =loud noise)
36-48 mosbuild tower of 9 blocks; BUILD structure from MENTAL IMAGE
48-60 mosuses S PA C IA L AWARENESS; cause-effect. Problem solving....

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symbolic play2-4 years; associated with language development and parallel play.
symbolic playchild prefers objects he/she can understand. Control and mastery.
creative play4-7 years; child participates in cooperative play with peers, master skills to promote performance in school.
exploratory play0-2 yrs; play develops body scheme, plays mostly with parents and caregivers.
games7-12 years; play with rules, social interaction, competitition, friends important for validation (parents fill in)
symbolic play 12-16 mosbasic "make believe". (eating, sleeping).
symbolic play 12-18 mosprojects make believe on others and objects; uses variety of schemes in imitating familiar activities.
18-24 mos symbolic playincrease use of non-real object for pretend. Inanimate object performs familiar activity.

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