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Question Answer
Most common cause of Cerebral Palsyprenatal
Most common type of Cerebral Palsyspastic
Vitamin D toxicity symptoms falsemuscle weakness, cyanosis ( false)
Hypotonia (floppy baby syndrome) (which is not correct)Babinski sign (not correct)
How many doses of hep B vaccine do you give?3 dosages
Which is not a complication of Anorexia NervosaHyperglycemia – Hypoglycemia is a complication
Physical signs of Anorexia Nervosa are notTachycardia – bradycardia is a common finding
Which is not an extramanifestation of ricketspremature closure of fontanelles
Which are not associated with symptoms of ricketsSparus quadratum, Hypertonia, Bulging of fontanelle
Rickets cause byImpaired metabolism of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium
Which is not correct regarding tachycardiaTachycardia is always above 120bpm
Not correct about simple febrile seizuresFamily history is irrelevant
Introduction of food in 7month oldFruit juice, corn meal, potatoes, fish, carrot, apple
Food and children after 7 months (false)Should not be given sugar before the year of 2, Solid food should be given with a couple of days in between just on case there is a reaction
Newborn definitionBetween birth and 28 days
Contraindication of breast feedingGalactosemia
Innocent murmurs not characteristicThrill
Rovsing signAppendicitis
Moebious signHyperthyroidism (graves)
PubertyMenstruation precedes the end of puberty
Which is not a symptom of FAS Macrocephaly – microcephaly is a symptom
What could it be when a person has fever and convulsionsMeningitis/Fever induced epileptic attack
Cerebral palsy definitionMotor/kinetic disorder, non-progressive but may change with time. Can be better with medication
Child abuse not characteristicFracture of distal forearm in school child
Which contains glutenRye, Wheat, Barley
Contraindication in vaccinesSore throat, fever (39 degrees)
Which one of these are not a cause of weight loss in children with diabetesHypothyroidism