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NTD defects

Question Answer
symptoms of myelomeningocelebowel and bladder incontinence and perineal anesthesia without motor impairment
treatment for all types of hydrocephalusshunting
Dandy-Walker malformationcystic expansion of fourth ventricle
presentation of Dandy Walkerprominent occiput, cerebellar ataxia


Question Answer
typical febrile seizuresgeneralized tonic clonic seizure w/1 seizure in a 24 hour period.
complex febrile seizuresgreater than 15 minutes, or more than one in a day or focal findings
risk factors for epilepsycomplex febrile seizures, family history of epilesy, abnormal neuro exam, and developmental delay
simple febrile seizuresdo not cause brain damage, usually do not recur, and do not lead to an increased risk of epilepsy
partial complex seizuresimpaired consciousness at some point. automatisms.
treatment for partial complex seizurescarbamazepine
EEG for absence seizures3/second spike and generalized wave form
myoclonic seizuresrepetitive seizures. brief symmetric muscle contraction.
infantile spasmssymmetric contractions of neck, trunk and extremities
EEG for infantile spasmshypsarrhythmia (chaotic spike and wave pattern)

neonatal seizures

Question Answer
HIE presentation12-24 hours
associations with HIEcerebral palsy
presentation of intraventricular hemorrhage1-7 days
associations with intraventricular hemorrhagepreterm

Peds Neuro

Question Answer
long face, enlarged ears and macro-orchidismfragile X
mental retardation, decreased muscle tone, short stature, emotional lability and insatiable appetitePrader-Willi
happy puppetAngelman's
normal development until 6 to 18 months the hypotonia and autustic like behavior. sterotyped hand movements. usually girlsRett syndrome
torches infections that cause cerebral calcificationsCMV and toxo

Neurocutaneous syndrome

Question Answer
cafe au lait spots, neurofibromasNF-1
NF-1 increased incidence ofleukemia, rhadbomyosarcoma, Wilms tumor
NF-1 neuro findingoptic nerve gliomas
NF-2 neuro findingbilateral acoustic neuromas
ash-leaf spots, angiomyolipomas of kidney, cardiac rhabdomyomaTuberous Sclerosis
clinical presentation of tuberous sclerosisinfanile spasms, seizures
complications of tuberous sclerosisrhabdomyoma of the heart of renal lesions
Neuro findings tuberous sclerosisastrocyotmas
VHL neuro findingscerebellar hemangioblastomas, ataxia
port-wine stain in the distribution of the opthalamic nerve, mental retardation, seizuresStruge Wber
neuro finding of sturge webervenous angioma of the pia mater, seizures, hemiparesis
diagnosis of sturge weberx-ray shows occipto-parietal calcifications and intraocular pressure reading
GI polyps and estrogen secreting tumorsPeutz Jeghers

Cerebral Palsy

Question Answer
most obvious manifestation of cerebral palsyimpaired ability of voluntary muscles (rigidity and spasticity)
risk factorslow birth weight, and intrapartum infection

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Question Answer
onset of ataxia before 10 years, dysarthric speech, HOCMFreidrich ATaxia
a child of acute or chronic liver disease, unexplained neurological disease, behaborial or psych changesWilson's disease
normal development until 6 months then lag and lose milestonesTay Sachs
self-mutilation and dystoniaLesch-Nyhan (analyze HPRT enzyme)

Neuromuscular diseases

Question Answer
progressive hypotonia, generalized weakness, feeding difficulty, respiratory insufficiency, fasciulations of the tongue, absent DTRSWerdnig Hoffma
ptosis and extraocular muscle weakness gets worse at day progressesMG
stork-like appearance, foot drop, slowly progressiveMarie-Charcot-Tooh
CSF of Guillain Barreincrease in CSF protein w/normal glucose and no cells

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