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• 21 hydroxylase deficiency causes precocious puberty inboys
• Treatment for precocious puberty if no underlying cause is found?give LONG ACTING GnRH agonists to suppress progression of puberty to prevent premature epiphyseal closure with short stature
• Vascular tumors seen first few days of life and grow but resolve in 2 years on their owncavernous hemagniomas
• Cephalohematoma or caput succeaneum, both are usually self resolving but one of them may indicate underlying skull fracturecephalohematoma
• When does the anterior fontanelle usually close? What disorder should you suspect if it fails to close?18 months, hypothyroidism, hydrocephalus, rickets, or IUGR
• How many vessels does a normal umbilical cord have? What should you suspect if one is missing?3, 2 arteries and one vein. If only one artery, consider congenital renal malformations
• If apgar score is less than ____, continue to assess every 5 minutes until infant reaches this score7, resuscitate child as needed.
• What is the APGAR pneumonic?Appearance (skin color), Pulse, grimace (reflex irritability), activity (muscle tone), respirations (basically a good strong cry?)
• Reye syndromeEncephalopathy and/or liver failure
• When should moro and palmar grasp reflex disappear?by 6 months
• Baby with cyanosis that worsens with feeding but improves with crying? Failure to pass catheter through nose into oropharynx in these babieschoanal atresia. Nasal malformation so you can't breathe through your nose when you need to (eg when eating).
• Turner sydrome cardiovascular abnormalities?bicuspid aortic valve, coarctation of the aorta, aortic root dilation
• Diagnosis of laryngomalacia?laryngoscopy. Usually self resolves by 18 months
• Doll like faces, enlarged liver/kidneys and protuberant abdomen, hyperlipidemia, lactic acidosis.Glucose 6 phosphatase deficiency, aka Von Gierke disease
• Usually presents with hepatomegaly and "floppy" baby, macroglossia, heart failure due to progressive HCMPompes' disease, another glycogen storage disease due to acid maltase deficiency
• Glycogen storage disease with elevated liver enzymes with splenomegaly and normal kidneysglycogen debranching enzyme deficiency
• Which apgar score do you need to not require intervention?at least 7
• Painless bloody stools in a neonate who appears well otherwise. Regurgitates milk, can have eczema, resolves spontaneously within a yearmilk or soy protein proctocolitis. Eliminate maternal dairy or soy products or switch to hydrolyzed formula
• Neonates with bilious vomiting and abdominal distension. If untreated this can progress to bowel ischemia. What is this and what is the gold standard of diagnosis?malrotation with midgut an upper GI contrast series study
• Feeding intolerance, increased abdominal girth, bloody stools, vomiting. Possibly unstable vital signs and pneumotosis intestinalis, aka gas within the damaged bowel wallthis is necrotizing enterocolitis, occurs in premature babies primarily
• Any male adolescent with epistaxis, localized mass in nose, and bony erosions at the back of the nose asangiofibroma until proven otherwise
• Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment can prevent neonatal ___ but not ____gonorrhea, but not chalmydial. Mom needs to be tested at first prenatal visit and treated with oral erythromycin. Associated with infantine pyloric stenosis but benefits outweigh the risks
• Continuous murmur heard all over the chest, what is this and what do you see on X ray?this is coarctation of the aorta, and you see rib notching
• Congenital heart disease (mostly truncus arteriosus) , craniofacial stuff, and thymic hypoplasia?digeorge
• Episodes of apnea caused by frustration/anger/pain. Usually benign. Two types?this is a "breath holding spell". There are cyanotic and pallid (pale) types, which happen after crying and minor trauma respectively. Associated with iron deficiency annemia for some reason.
• Up to which age is bedwetting normal?5
• Easy fatigability, failure to thrive, pansystolic murmur and diastolic rumble at apexVSD. The diastolic component is due to increased flow across mitral valve
• Management for intussusception?air or water soluble contrast enema.
• Abdominal pain that comes and goes, kid draws up legsintussusception
• Most common heart defect with Down syndromecomplete Atrioventricular septal defect.
• Biopsy findings with Reye syndromemicrovesicular steatosis
• Smooth firm unilateral abdominal mass and hematuria in a kidwilms tumor
• Abdominal mass that CROSSES THE MIDLINE in a kid. Often accompanied with systemic symptoms.neuroblastoma. If asymptomatic or hematuria, it's wilms tumor
• Evaluation for development dysplasia of the hip?ultrasound if less than 6 months, X ray if 4-6 months. Refer to orthopedic surgeon. Treatment less than 6 months is the pavlik hip harness.

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