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diabetes, rubella, herpes, CMV, coxsackie Bincreased cardiac defect
vitamin a, steriods, progesterine/estrogenincreased defects
most important emphasis when evaulating cardiac defectsgrowth
decreased intake, fatigue, dyspnea and sweatingfeeding problems
forceful cardiac contractions that cause slight to vigorus movement of sternum and ribslift or heave
vibratory sensation associated with at least grade 4 murmurthrills
PMI below 8 years of age4th ICS MCL
PMI after age 8 5th ICS left MCL
fixed split s2atrial septal defect or pulmonic stenosis
s3normal in almost all children
loud s3CHF = high diastolic pressure in ventricles
s4never normal, seen in pulmonic and aortic stenosis = high pressure in ventricles
softens and disapppears when sitting or standingstills murmur
dissapears when supine or jugular vein compressedvenous hum
marked decrease or dissaperance of murmur when child laysvenous hum
heard best of LLSB and apexstills murmur

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Question Answer
low pitch, vibratory, musical or twangyinnocent heart murmur
systolicinnocent heart murmur
loudest at LLSB or 2/3rd ICSinnocent heart murmur
varies in loudness and intensityinnocent heart murmur
soft, never above a grade IIIinnocent heart murmur
rarely transmitsinnocent heart murmur
loudest in recumbinanat position and after exerciseinnocent heart murmur
normal pulses, RR, BP and growth and developmentinnocent heart murmur
diastolicorganic heart murmur
rough, harsh, coarseorganic heart murmur
loudest at the base of the heartorganic heart murmur
at least a grade IIIorganic heart murmur
positioning doesnt change loudnessorganic heart murmur
tachycardia and tachypneaorganic heart murmur
failure to thriveorganic heart murmur

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Question Answer
thrill radiates to the right side of the neckaortic stenosis
thrill that radiates to the left side of the neckPDA
innocentpulmonary ejection murmur
innocentvibratory murmur
pneumonia or CHFcrackles
tissue overgrowth d/t prolong hypoxiaclubbing of fingers or toes
not shunt dependentacyanotic with left to right shunting and misses body
shunt dependentcyantoic with right to left shunting and misses the lungs
VPAC - ventral septal defect, PDA, atrial septal defect, co-arc acyontic left to right
most common congenital heart defectventral septal defect
loud, holosystolic murmur heard best at LLSB usually with palpable thrillventral septal defect
large defectwill NOT have a thrill
harsh, machinery murmur, may have a thrill and best heard in pulmonic areaPDA
post natally soft systolic murmur best at LLSBPDA
systolic ejection murmur heard best at LUSBAtrial septal defect
split fixed s2atrial septal defect
heard when vascular resistance drops and 6 weeks - 4 monthsatrial septal defect
normal pulmonary BF and obstructive lesioncoartication of aorta
systolic ejection mumur in left intraclavicular region with transmission to back and left axillacoartication of aorta
tetralogy of fallot and transposition of the great vessels/arteriescyanotic with right to left shunting and misses lungs
PROVtetralogy of fallot
Pulmonic stenosis tetralogy of fallot
right ventricular hypertrophytetralogy of fallot
overriding aortatetralogy of fallot
ventrical septal defecttetralogy of fallot
squattingincreases PULMONARY blood flow in tet spells
loud/harsh systolic ejection murmur with thrilltetraology of fallot
right ventricular heavetetralogy of fallot
4 months old with: poor feeding, FTT, tachypnea during sleep, DOEtetralogy of fallot
hypoxia with cyanosis and tachypnea followed by weakness, limp and syncopetet spells
decreased pulmonary blood flowtetralogy of fallot
increased pulmonary blood flowtransposition of the great vessels/arteries
sharp S1 or narrowing split of S2transposition of the great vessels/arteries
tachypnea with OUT retractionstransposition of the great vessels/arteries
cyanosis at birthtransposition of the great vessels/arteries
most likely to progress to CHF if not managedventral septal defect
aortic stenosis, pulmonic stenosis, co-arc of aortaobstructive lesions

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