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periorbital/facial edemaright sided heart failure with systemic congestion
hepatomegalyright sided heart failure with systemic congestion
sudden weight gainright sided heart failure with systemic congestion
dependent edema and ascities NO pedal edema in kidsright sided heart failure with systemic congestion
tachypnealeft sided heart failure with pulmonary congestion
increased respiratory effortleft sided heart failure with pulmonary congestion
grunting and nasal flaringleft sided heart failure with pulmonary congestion
retractionsleft sided heart failure with pulmonary congestion
cracklesleft sided heart failure with pulmonary congestion

Section 2

Question Answer
only for children with repaired congenital heart disease with residual defect at the repair siteSBE proph
children with cyanotic heart defects must prevent this d/t polycythemiadehydration
children with significant heart disease to prevent hospitalizationsynagis
increase intensity of a murmur or new onset of murmurinfective endocarditis
valves most effected, gram + cocci, usually kids with CHF, treated with IV abx 4-6 weeksinfective endocarditis
most common aquired heart disease worldwideacute rheumatic fever
systolic mumur beast heard at the left apex extending to axillaacute rheumatic fever
mitral valve #1 infectedacute rheumatic fever
most useful test for evaluation of suscpect acute rheumatic feverASO titer
2 major symptoms or 1 major and 1 minoracute rheumatic fever
JONES JOints:migratory polyarthritis, Nodules:subcutanous nodules, Erythema marginatum, Syndenhands chorea, carditis/pancarditismajor acute rheumatic fever
AAFP arthralgias, acute phase reactants, fever, prolonged PR interval ecgminor acute rheumatic fever
no strenous sports or track after this d/t valve problemsacute rheumatic fever
60-100 mg/kg/day in FOUR divided doses for 2-6 weeksASA acute rheumatic fever
PCN G or PCN VK or eythromycin if allergyacute rheumatic fever
severe carditis in acute rheumatic feverprednisone 2mg/kg/day x2 weeks then 1mg/kg x1 week AND start ASA
daily proph to prevent reoccurance of acute rheumatic feverage 21 IM is better than PO
under age 5, winter months or early spring, males > femalesKawasaki disease
most common acquired heart disease in the USKawasaki disease
#1 test to r/o aneruysm in Kawasaki disease ECHO
no pathologic cause BP >95% for AGE and SEXprimary HTN
organic cause usually renal pathologysecondary HTN
acute glomerulor nephritis, HUS, SLE, ESRDsecondary HTN
5% of kids with thishypertension
3 limb BPs BOTH arms and one leghypertension
UA, creat, BUN/electrolytes/Uric acid, cbc, ESRhtn
must get this prior to starting BP meds for baseline echo
DOC for HTNace inhibitors Catopril .03-.05 mg/kg/day
secondary HTNmust refer to cards
rare inflammatory illness of muscles of the heart wallsmyocarditis
RSV is usually #1 cause myocarditis
can go unrecognized and resolve itself or become chronicmyocarditis
poor profusion, gallop rhythem, muffled heart sounds, weak pulsesmyocarditis
refer to cards if any sx suggestion thismyocarditis/cardiomyopathy
HR above 220SVT
sinus tachycardiaHR below 220

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