PEDS ADL&IADL, Play and Thereputic Media

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Section 1

Question Answer
media vs methodmedia is materials used while method is the structure to complete it
role of OTAestablish service competency to choose media relevent to goals
6 considerations of mediaoccupation/interest, goals, client factor/performance skills, context, grading/adapting, activity demands
4 playfulnessdisposition of play; stye of play by personality; encompasses intrisnic motivation,internal control, and freedom to suspend reality; spontaneity/flexibility
3 componants of playvital to development; imp outcome of intervention; tool/goal
play as a tool (environement)increase strengths and skills...promote play; use household items; encourage to choose activities that foster therapy goals; physically/emotionally safe environment, free from rules
examples of how to improve playfulnesschild friendly, add music, playful/inviting environment, adaptive toys
characterist if playful practitionerplayfulnes, flexible, child friendly, sense of humor, intuition
modify activity so child chang engage; change positioning, steps, or materialsadapting
changing activity so it provides challenge; can decrease or increase challengegrading
practioners ___ play, cultivate the skills needed for play, and set up the environment to _________ playmodel; facilitate
strategies that help increase participation and self esteem do not includepleading with child to be good

Section 2

Question Answer
poor trunk stabilitytoilet seat supports
poor bilateral integrationscoop dish
poor fine motor coordinationvelcro closure
poor visual motor coordination and sequencingelastic shoe laces
poor proprioception input/tremorsweighted utensil
high tone; easy aspirationnosy cup
low tone; low endurancebath bench

Section 3

Question Answer
health maintenancenutrition, allergies, fitness, hippotherapy, personal device care, medication, sex
personal grooming/hygienelearning to bathe and stay clean, toilet hygiene, sanitary pads
dressing/undressingputting on clothes, choosing appropriate clothes; fasenors most appropariate
personal care deviceshearing aids, glasses, splints, orthoses, braces, limbs/eyes, and mobility aid
about personal care devicesto apply/remove, sequence, fit, duration, freaquency and precuations; cleaing and storage
feeding and eating technquiesuck-swallow-breathe
feeding and eating treatmentsset up, bring food from bowl to mouth, ability to keep and manipulate food in mouth and swallow
functional mobilitymove from one positiion to another; transport items
techniques for hair cairstimulate scalp, inform what you are doing/about to do, hold hair away from scap start at the end; use detangler