Pediatrics Rheum

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Question Answer
most common primary bone tumorosteosarcoma
on PE tender-soft tissue massosteosarcoma
sunburst pattern and Codman triangleosteosarcoma
increased ALP and LDHosteosarcoma is prognostic
onion skinning--osteolytic lesion with periosteal reactionEwing sarcoma (Adolescents)
#2 primary bone tumorEwing Sarcoma
pain worst at night and relieved by NSAIDSosteoid osteoma
X ray for osteoid osteomasclerotic/cortical, central nidus lucency

Hip Pain in children

Question Answer
most common cause of hip pain in childrentransient synovitis
treatment for transient synovitisrest and ibuprofen
length of transient synovitis1-4 weeks
features of septic arthritis of the hipfever, inability to bear weight, WBC count, ESR, CRP
mc organisms of septic arthritis of birth to 3 monthsstaph, GBS
mc organisms of septic arthritis older than 3 monthsstaph, GAS, s. pneumo
slipped capital femoral epiphysispresents with limp and insidious hip pain. Commonly occurs in obese adolescents
treatment for slipped capital femoral epiphysissurgical pinning in order lessen the risks of avascular necrosis
Legg-Calve-Perthes diseasecharacterized by osteonecorsis of the femoral head. Typically presents in boys age 4-10. greater than 1 month vs. synovitis.
treatment for Legg-Calve Perthesobservation is sufficient
difference between a septic joint and inflammatory in WBCSseptic is 50 to 150 thousand and inflammatory is 2 to 10 thousand
less than 6 months treatment for child w/DDHparvik harness
6-15 months treatment for child w/DDHspica case
15-25 months treatment for child w/DDHopen reduction followed by spica cast


Question Answer
pauciarticularassymetric arthritis that involves less than 4 joints
pauciarticular associated wincreased risk of iridocyclitis that leads to blindness if let untreated
polyarticularresemebles RA with symmetric involvement
Stills diseasemanifests as arthritis with daily high spiking fevers, and salmon colored rash

Orthopedic Injuries in Children

Question Answer
treatment of clavicular fracturesfigure of eight sling vs. arm sling
greenstick fractureincomplete fracture involving the cortex of only 1 side (tension side) of the bone
treatment of greenstick fracturereduction w/casting. order films at 10-14 days.
nursemaid's elbowradial head subluxation. presents with pain and refusal to bend the elbow.
treatment of nursemaid's elbowmanual reduction by gentle supination of the elbow at 90 degrees of flexion. no immobillization.
most common pediatric elbow fracturesupracondylar humerus fracture
beware of what in supracondylar humerus fracturebrachial artery entrapment. remember to do a radial artery pulse test
risk of what in supracondylar humerus fracturecompartment syndrome
treatment for supracondylar humerus fracturecast immobilization; closed reduction if significantly displaced
Osgood-Schlatter diseaseoveruse apophysitis of the tibial tubercle. causes localized pain
treatment of Osgood-Schlatterdecreased activity for 2-3 months or until asymptomatic
Salter-Harris fracturefractures of the growht plate in children


Question Answer
type 1 metatarus adductusfeet that overcorrect both passive and actively into abduction
treatment for type 1not necessary
type 2 metarsus adductioncharacterized by feet that correct to the neutral position
type 3 metarsus adductuscharacterized by rigid feet and do not correct
treatment for type 3serial casts

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