Pediatrics Renal

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clinical presentation of poststrep glomerluoneprhitis1-2 weeks after strep pharyngitis or 3-6 weeks after skin infection (impetigo)
what is the classic triad of poststrep glomerulonephritisedema, hypertension, hematuria (classic triad)
Alport syndrome clinical presentation 1-2 days after URI; hearing nephritis
HUS clinical presentationmost common less than 4 years old. blood diarrhea, mild renal insufficiency
best test for acute poststreptococal glomerulonephritisanti-DNase antigen
mc cause of severe obstructive nephropathyposterior urethral valves
most common nephrotic syndrome seen in children minimal change disease
most common cause of testicular pain 2-11 years of agetorsion of appendix testes
mc glomerular disease worldwideIgA nephropathy
mc cause of ARF in young childrenHUS
labs of HUSlow hemoglobin, helmet cells, fragmented cells, reticulocytosis, low platelets, hematuria and proteinurainephropathy associated with Hepatitis Bmembranous nephropathy
mc cause of nephritic syndrome in childrenpoststrep glomerulonephritis
hematuria + hemoptysisGoodpasture's
hematuria + deafnessalport

Male GU

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complication of untreated or delay in treatment of undescended testesincreased risk for malignancy (seminoma mc)
mc cause of testicular pain over 12 years oldtesticular torsion
mc cause of testicular pain 2-11 yearstorsion of appendix testes
complication of varicoceleinfertility

renal pathology

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thickening of the basement mebrnaemembranous nephropathy
linear deposits of IgGgoodpasture
IgA mediated vasculitisHSP
flattening of the podocytesminimal change disease

Kidney Stones

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mc typecalcium oxalate
kids w/family Hx of stonescysteine. can't resorb certain AA.