Pediatric Immunization Schedule

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Immunization Schedule

Question Answer
birthHep B (+ HBIG if mother HBsAg +), repeat at 2 and 6 months
2/4/6 month seriesDTaP, HiB, IPV (polio), PCV13, rotavirus
one yearMMR, Varicella, HepA (2 dose series, 6 mos apart), HiB, PCV13
5 yearsMMR, Varicella, IPV, DTaP boosters
teenHPV, MCV, DTaP
live virus vaccinesOPV, MMR
Flu vaccineyearly after 6 mos.
Tdq10 years, q5 with dirty wound


Question Answer
A = ? Appearance. blue = 0, trunk pink = 1, all pink = 2
P = ?Pulse. none = 0, <100/min = 1, >100/min = 2
G = ?Grimace. none = 0, grimace = 1, grimace + cough = 2
A = ?Activity. limp = 0, some = 1, active = 2
R = ?Respiration. none = 0, irregular = 1, regular = 2
When is APGAR score measured?1 min and 5 min
What is the scoring scale?0-10. 7-10 is normal, 4-6 is low, <3 is critically low.

Developmental Milestones

15-20 mosThrows a ball, seats self in chair, climbs, uses a spoon, walks up and down steps with help, carries dolls, imitates houseworkPoints to several body parts, 4-6 words by 15 months, increases to greater than 10 by 18 months, scribbles vigoroursly, feeds self
3-4 mograsps cube, reaches for objects,raspberry sound, rolls back to sidelaughs, squeals
9-11 moscrawls, cruises, imitates peek-a-boo, starts standing holding on to furniture and then by selfFollows simple commands such as "come here"
6-8 mossits without support, hand-to-hand transfer, imitates "bye-bye", stranger and separtion anxiety begins at 6 mos, pullls feet to mouthrolls back to stomach and stomach to back, recognizes "no", chains together syllables (dada and mama)
12-15 mosWalks, neat pincer grasp, scribbles spontaneously, builds tower of 2 bricks,indicates wants by pointing, imitates animal sounds, says 1-2 words
5-6 yrsCatches ball, simple choresIdentifies best friend, likes teacher, has a sense of gender, knows right from left, knows age
24 mosKicks ball, jumps with both feet, developing handedness, uses pronounsruns, has up to 300 word vocabulary, washes and dries hands, parallel play, puts on simple clothing
36 mosHolds crayons with fingers, rides tricycleNearly all speech is intelligible, 3 word sentences,dresses with supervision
3-4 yrsResponds to command to place object in, on, or under table, takes off jacket and shoes, washes face, cooperative play, skipsCooperative play, knows gender, speech includes plurals, personal pronouns, verbs, asks many questions
NewbornMoves all extremities, spontaneous stepping, preference for higher pitched voices, cries when uncomfortable, reacts to sounds by blinkingReflexes, tonic neck palmar grasp, babinski, rooting, sucking
1-2 mosLifts head, holds head erect, regards face, follows objects through visual field, spontaneous smileMoro and palmar grasp reflexes fading
5 mosBears weight on legs when standing, plays with feet, sits with supportimitates others
30 mosWalks backwards, hops on one foot, copies circlegive first and last name, uses plurals

Developmental Milestones (alternate version)

Question Answer
social smile2 mo
head up 2 mo
laugh4 mo
roll over front to back4 mo
roll over back to front5 mo
sits6 mo
babbles6 mo
pincer grasp9 mo
crawl9 mo
cruise11 mo
mama/dad9 mo
stands1 yr
walks1 yr
1-3 words1 yr
1 step commands1 yr
stairs 2 yrs
2-3 word sentences2 yrs
runs2 yrs
parallel play2 yrs
pronouns2 yrs
copy circle 3 yo
tricycle3 yrs
group play3yrs
simple games3 yrs
one foot hop4 yrs
speech completely understood4 yrs
past tense4 yrs
overhand throw4 yrs
skips5 yrs
coop games5 yrs
ball catch 5 yrs
ties shoes6 yrs

Piaget's stages of Cognitive Development

StageAge RangeDescription
Sensorimotor stage(0-2yrs)egocentric exploration with 5 senses, use objects for goal, object permanence
Preoperational stage(2-7yrs)motor skills, magical thinking, no logical thinking
Concrete operational stage(7-12 yrs)start logical thinking (concrete), no longer egocentric
Formal operational stage(12+yrs)abstract reasoning

Tanner stages of Sexual Development

Question Answer
childhoodStage 1
pubic hair appears (adrenarche) Stage 2
breasts enlarge Stage 2
pubic hair darkens Stage 3
pubic hair becomes curly Stage 3
penis size/length increase Stage 3
penis width increase Stage 4
darker scrotal skin Stage 4
development of glans Stage 4
raised areolae Stage 4
adult Stage 5
areolae no longer raised Stage 5