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Pediatric ADLs Development

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Section 1

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5-7 mos eat/feedtakes cereal or poured baby food from spoon
6-8 mos eat/feedattempts to hold bottle but may not retrieve if it falls; monitor for safety reasons
6-9 mos eat/feedholds & tries to eat cracker. Sucks on more than bites. soft foods, grabs spoon and bangs or sucks on either end.
9-13 mos eat/feedfinger feeds self (cheerios, peas) and objects if fed by adult.
12-14 mos eat/feeddips spoon in food brings to mouth spills by inverting spoon.
15-18 mos eat/feedscoops food with spoon and brings to mouth
24-30 mos eat/ feeddemo interest in fork, may stab at food; proficient at spoon use.

Section 2

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1 yr dressingcooperates (holds out arms & feet); pulls off shoes, removes socks, pushes UE and LE through clothing
2 yrs dressingremoves unfastened clothing, removes shoes if laces untied, helps pull down pants, finds armholes in pullover shirt
2 1/2 yrs dressingremoves pull down pants with elastic band, assists in pulling up socks, puts on front button coat or shirt, unbuttons large buttons.
3 yrs dressingputs on shoes (may be on wrong foot), pullover shirt with MinA, I pulls down pants, zips and unzips once on track, puts on socks (heel may be on top)
3.5 yrs dressingfinds front of clothing, snaps/hooks/unzips, puts on mittens, buttons 3-4 in series, dresses with S
4 yrs dressingremoves pullover (I), buckles belt, zips jacket, laces shoes, puts on shoes with assist to tie,
4.5 years dressingputs belt in loops
5 yrs dressingties and unties knots, dresses without (S)
6 yrs dressingcloses back zipper, ties bows, buttons back buttons, snaps back snaps

Section 3

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1 yr toiletingindicates discomfort when wet or soiled; has regular BMs
1 1/2 yrs toiletingsits on toilet when placed there and supervised for short period of time
2 yrs toiletingurinates regularly
2 1/2 yrs toiletingrarely has BM accident, occasional daytime accidents, regulated, tells someone when has to go, may need reminders and help getting on the toilet
3 yrs toileting(I) goes to bathroom, seats him/herself, may need help with wiping and difficult clothing.
4-5 yrs toiletingIs (I) (tearing TP, flushing, washing hands, clothing mangmt)

Section 4

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13 mos household imitates housework
2 yrs householdputs up and picks up toyswith reminders, mimics domestic activities
3 yrs householdcarries things without dropping, wipes up spills,dusts/dries dishes/gardens/with help,
4 yrs householdfixes dry cereal /snacks, helps with sorting laundry
5 yrs householdputs toys away neatly, makes a sandwich, takes out trash, makes bed, dirty clothes in hamper, answers phone correctly
6yrs householddoes simple errands, household chores without redoing, washes dishes with help, cross street safely, cleans sink
7-9 yrs householdbegins to cook simple meals, puts clean clothes away, hangs up clothes, manages small amt money, uses telephone correctly
10-12 yrs householdcooks simple meals with (S), does simple repairs wtih right tools, sets table, washes dishes, cares for pets with reminders
13-14 yrs householddoes laundry cooks meals

Section 5

Question Answer
pre-writing 1-1.5 yrswriting tool held with fisted hand, wrist slightly flexed, slightly supinated
2-3 yrs pre writingwriting tool held with fingers, wrist neutral ulnar deviation, forearm pronated, arm moves as unit
palmar supinate grasp1-1.5 yrs
digital pronate grasp2-3 yrs
static tripod posture3.5-4 yrs
dynamic tripod posture4.5-6 yrs
static tripod posturewriting tool held with crude thumb, index, & middle finger
dynamic tripod postureheld with precise opposition, localized movements of PIP joint

Section 6

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pre-req for using scissorsuse hands bilaterally, coordinate arm, hand and eye movements. interact with environment in constructive developmental play stage. stabilize UE so movement can occur in distal joints.
2-3 yrs scissorsinterested, holds tool and snips, opens and closes with control
3-4 yrs scissorsmanipulates in fwd motion, coordinates the lateral direction of the tool, cuts in straight forward line and simple geometric shapes
3.5-4.5 yrs scissorscuts circles
4-6 yrs scissorscuts simple figure shapes
4-7 yrs scissorscuts complex figure shapes

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