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Question Answer
What is the cushings triad?bradycardia, widened pulse, irregular respirations
problems above the brain stem are noticed if they are in what position?decorticate
lesions in brain stem are noticed if they are in what position?decerebrate
Altered Levels of consciousness include:confused, delirious, obtunded, letharigc, stuporous, comatose
Ketogenic diest includes:High fat, low carb
vagus nerve stimulatoractivate after experiencing an aura
Meningitis can be caused fromHIB, strep
most comfortable position in child with meningitisopisthotonic
What is the Kernigs sign?raise child's leg with knee flexed
What is the Brudzinski sign?flex child's head in supine position
encephalitis is caused bywest nile virus or western equine virus
Elevated liver enzymes and ammonia levels; glucose levels below normalReyes syndrome
therapy for guillian barreIVIG; plasma exchange
guillian barre occursfeet to head
Microcephaly issmall brain
hydrocephalus isenlarged head due to increased fluid
what is the clinical therapy for hydrocephalus?shunt
spina bifida occulta occurs commonly at 5th lumbar and 1st sacral vertebrae
Neurofibromatosis is also known as the elephant man disease
craniosynostosis ispremature closing of cranial suture lines
plagiocephaly isflat head
which CP type loses coordinationataxic
most common type of CPspastic
which CP is noticed by writhing motions?Atheotosis
ICP medication used isMannitol
should hip flexion occur with ICP?NO
spinal shock ischild may be flaccid and lose reflexes below the lesion
submersion injury isterm used when child survives near drowning