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child patient comes in with constant throbbing, "spontaneous pain", what is the likely treatment?pulp therapy or extraction
what is the "most serious dental emergency there is?"Facial Cellulitis
What are the symptoms of facial cellulitis?death, airway obstruction, through the orbit, and brain abscess (i don't usually consider dead as a symptom, but okay)
what are the symptoms of primary herpetic gingivostomatitis?fever, lymphadenopathy, irritability, malaise, drooling, halitosis, sore throat, mucosal alterations marked redness, enlargement of tissue, vesicles transitioning into painful ulcers, absence of interdental necrosis of papillae (distinguishing from ANUG) ((basically, an All of the above question)
What are the symptoms of hand-foot-mouth disease?malaise, nausea, vesicular rash of hand, foot and mouth
if patient is allergic to penicillin, which antibiotic should you prescribe?clindamycin
what is a provoked pain?a thermal/chemical stimulus
for soft tissue injuries, what shot needs to be up to date?tetanus
what is the most cost effective fluoride delivery system?water fluoridation
what is anticipatory guidance?comprehensive oral health program for children
t/f: anticipatory guidance and fluoride varnishes can be used in medical practicestrue
what are the 4 disadvantages of chlorhexidine?staining, taste, recolonization after use, 7% alcohol
what is the major downside of xylitol?it takes a lot! (also it's lethal to dogs)
is bonding agent warranted in a sealant application?YES
what is the most common means a child acquires strep mutans?vertical transmission
what determines preventive recall program for a child?caries activity of a child
t/f: low socioeconomic status of family gives tendency for caries. fluoride benefitstrue
when tx planning and talking to a parent, what should you discuss?risk, options, consequences
how much fluoride (concentration) does over the counter toothpaste have?1000ppm
according to intl assoc of dental traumatology ___ out of ___ children have had trauma between ages of 8-121/2
if you have an intruded primary tooth and it is found lingually or palatally displaced, what is the treatment?it is against tooth germ/bud and so it should be extracted
at what age do most traumatic injuries happen to kids?8-12 yo
Know Ellis classifications: Class 1 involves which of (enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum)Enamel
Know Ellis classifications: Class 2 involves which of (enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum)Enamel & dentin
Know Ellis classifications: Class 3 involves which of (enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum)Enamel, dentin & pulp
Know Ellis classifications: Class 4 involves which of (enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum)Enamel, dentin and cementum
what is the main objective for decoronation of perm anterior tooth?implant to preserve bone
if there is extrusion of 2 mm or more, what is indicated?endo-therapy
what is the best prognosis for an avulsed tooth?open apex and less than 30 minutes
which is the least favorable prognosis of the four possible for a fractured tooth?interposition of granulation tissue
what do we use to splint teeth?50 lb monofilament fishing wire
what is used in anterior permanent teeth to stimulate root growth?(ZOE) is allowed to remain 6 months to stimulate root growth (apexogenesis)
what is the most reliable indicator for vital pulp therapy?pt has sever toothache at night
primary teeth pulp testing... is it reliable?no, not reliable
what is the most favorable condition for vital pulp therapy?small pinpoint exposure surrounded by dentin
what is the standard for pulp capping?calcium hydroxide
why could a patient have pain during caries removal?faulty anesthetic technique or pulpal hyperemia and inflammation
what is used during partial pulpectomy on a primary tooth?a fine barbed broach (??? what?))
what is used for root canal on primary teeth?unreinforced ZOE
what is the most frequently seen radiographic evidence of abnormal response to pulpotomy?internal resorption
what would you do if a primary tooth has had pulp therapy and has alveolar abscess months after?extraction
what is the best prediction of continued vitality of a damaged or traumatized tooth?vital response to EPT at time of incident
what do bruises on the back of neck indicate?severe shaking
t/f: dental professionals are legally obligated to inform parent or caregiver of suspected child abuse when filling reportfalse
when abuse is suspected, what two word question is the best?"what happened?"
where is the most common location to look for child abuse when abuse or neglect is suspected?trauma to the head and neck region
what percentage of child abuse occurs in the head and neck region?~50%
what is the definition of child neglect?inattention to the basic needs of a child
what is the most common form of child maltreatment?neglect

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