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Question Answer
Body is designed for movement and for it to function, enough physical activitiesPE's Philosophy
Improve total personal well being thru physical activities and render better service to GodPE Mission
Become physically, mentally, socially and morally fitPE Vision
Keep moving and enjoy lifePE Motto
(1) Cardiovascular, (2) Arm & Chest, (3) Abdominal, (4) Back, (5) Leg5 major muscle groups
(1) Cardiorespiratory endurance, (2) Muscular endurance, (3) Muscular strength, (4) Flexibility, (5) Body composition5 Health related Fitness components
Cardiorespiratory enduranceAbility of lungs, heart & blood vessels to deliver oxygen to cells & meet demands
Muscular enduranceAbility of muscle to exert force repeatedly
Muscular strengthAbility to exert maximum force against resistance
FlexibilityAbility of joint to move freely
Body CompositionRelative percentage of fat, muscle, bone and other tissue in body
(1) Agility, (2) Balance, (3) Speed, (4) Power, (5) Coordination5 Skill related fitness components
AgilityQuickly and efficiently change body direction and position
BalanceMaintain body in proper equilibrium
SpeedRapidly propel body from one point to another
PowerProduce maximum force in shortest time
PowerSpeed + Strength
CoordinationIntegration of nervous and the muscles
FrequencyRefers to number of exercise sessions per week
IntensityHow much effort is expended
(Height in cm - 100) x 90%Formula for ideal body weight (Filipinos)
(1) Principle of Overload, (2) Principle of Progression, (3) Principle of Specificity`Good Exercise are built on 3 Principles
Principle of OverloadPrinciple that says do more than you do
Principle of ProgressionPrinciple that says you need to start slowly and gradually increase amount of exercise over time
Principle of SpecificityPrinciple that says you must do specific kinds of activity to build specific parts of physical fitness
(1) Intensity, (2) Frequency, (3) DurationTarget zone is made up of 3 parts
IntensityHow hard you have to work to improve your fitness
FrequencyHow often you have to exercise
DurationHow long you have to exercise