PDx 1 - Ophthalmology Lecture

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Question Answer
Most common owner complaints?Discharge, color changes, pain, opacity, pupillary changes, dec vision/blindness, enlargement of eye
Indicators of ocular discomfort?Pawing/rubbing
What is blepharospasm?Uncontrolled blinking/twitching
What is anisocoria?Unequal pupils
4 reflexes to check in eye exam?Palpebral, menace, corneal, pupillary light reflex
What nn does palpebral reflex test?Trigeminal (5) → Facial (7)
What nn does menace reflex test?Optic (2) → Facial (7) + Abduscens (6)
What nn does corneal reflex test?Trigeminal (5) → Abducens (6) & Facial (7)
What nn does pupillary light reflex test?Optic (2) → Oculomotor (3)
2 ways to test vision in a dog?Drop a cotton ball, navigate a mini obstacle course
What is focal illumination/transillumination?Focal - shine light directly into eye into pupil trans - shine light (in "slit" setting) through side of eye, illuminate cornea
How do you test for tear production?Schirmer tear test strips
How long do you leave a schirmer tear test strip in? What is normal?60 seconds. Normal is >= 15mm
What is KCS?Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, "dry eye syndrome"
How would you detect a corneal ulcer or injury?Fluorescein stain, which adheres to the stroma of the cornea but washes off the surface of the cornea
Difference between a direct & indirect ophthalmoscope?Direct is held close to the animal & close to your face, you directly look into the eye through the magnifying & illuminating piece. Indirect is there the illuminating piece you look through is held away from the animal, & a lens is put close to their eye & you look from a distance **IMAGE WILL BE UPSIDE DOWN
What does the fundus of the eye include? (7)Sclera, choroid, tapetum, retinal pigment epithelium, neural retina, optic nerve head, retinal vasculature
What does a slit lamp allow you to do?Localize a lesion
What is/does an aqueous flare indicate?Turbidity of the aqueous humor caused by increased protein levels & cells
What is glaucoma? Normal range? Normal range between eyes? Caused by?Increased intraocular pressure. Normal is 15-25mmHg. Between eyes should be <8mmHg. Caused by imbalance between production of aqueous humor (made by ciliary processes) & the draining through the ciliary cleft
How do you measure glaucoma?Ocular tonometry
What is the drainage angle, what dz does it pertain to?The drainage angle is the point in the eye where the colored part of the eye (iris) & the white covering over the eye (sclera) meet. This is where fluid w/in the inner eye (which is different from tears that lubricate the eye's outer surface) drains. Blockage of this angle can lead to increased pressure in the eye, called glaucoma.
What is a prolapsed 3rd eyelid called?Cherry eye
What is distichiasis?Ectopic cilia