PDx 1 - Neuro Handout

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Question Answer
What are the 3 most important postural reactions?(1) Proprioceptive positioning (knuckling)
(2) Hopping
(3) Hemiwalking
Nerves menace response tests?2 + 7
Nerves PLR tests?2 + 3
Nerves oculo-vestibular reflex tests?3, 4, 6, 8
Nerves strabismus tests?3, 4, 6, 8
Nerves corneal reflex tests?5, 6
Nerves palpebral reflex tests?5, 7
Nerve swallowing/gag reflex tests?9, 10
5 types of spinal reflexes?Myotatic, flexor (withdrawal), crossed extensor, perineal, cutaneous trunci
Risks of examining neuro patients?Might hurt them, they might hurt you (get the shit bit out of you)
Signs of intracranial dz?Stupor/depression/coma change in b/h, CN signs, possibly ataxia, wide circles, seizures, strabismus...etc
Diff between myotatic & withdrawal reflex?Myo = unconscious, one synapse, one motor. Withdrawal = if intact, conscious component, mult synapse, mult motor
When is it appropriate to access an animal for nociception (deep pain) & when is it not?If theyre walking, they have deep pain. Dont hurt them for no reason
Why are postural reactions not just a test for conscious proprioception?Requires many things
(1) Sensory input from receptors
(2) Visual system
(3) Vestibular system
(4) Functional motor system
How are the menace & nasal sensation tests different from the others?They involve CORTICAL INPUT


Question Answer
Pain ascending tract?Spinothalamic tract in lateral funiculars
Where does pain tract synapse in brain?A in thalamus, C in reticular formation → axons then project to soma to sensory cortex
Pain cross? If so, where?Pain ipsi & contra...cross in spinal cord (immediately)
Conscious proprioception ascending tract? Dorsal column
Conscious proprio cross? If so, where?Ipsilateral until medulla (decussate here)
Conscious proprio in brain?After cross in medulla...up pons, midbrain, thalamus to somatosensory cortex
Unconscious proprio ascending tract? Spinocerebellar tract in lateral funiculars
Unconscious proprio cross?Ipsilateral - no crossing at all
Unconscious ends where?Cerebellum
What is touch's path the same as?Conscious proprioception
What is thermos path the same as?Pain