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Canine permanent dental formula(3/3) (1/1) (4/4) (2/3) = 21 (42 total)
Canine deciduous dental formula(3/3) (1/1) (3/3) = 14
Feline permanent dental formula?(3/3) (1/1) (3/2) (1/1) = 15 (30 total)
Feline deciduous dental formula?(3/3) (1/1) (3/2) = 13
Which teeth are 3-rooted in adult dogs?Last 3 teeth on the upper jaw (last premolar & 2 molars)
Which teeth are 3-rooted in adult cats?Third upper premolar
Canine eruption of incisors (deciduous & perm)Decid = 4-6wk
Perm = 3-5mo
Canine eruption of canines (deciduous & perm)Decid = 5-6wk
Perm = 4-6mo
Canine eruption of premolars (deciduous & perm)Decid = 6wk
Perm = 4-5mo
Canine eruption of molars (just perm)5-7mo
Feline eruption of incisors (deciduous & perm)4-6wk
Feline eruption of canines (deciduous & perm)5-6wk
Feline eruption of premolars (deciduous & perm)6wk
Feline eruption of molars (just perm)5-7mo
What is dental calculus?Calculus or tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque
What is plaque?Is a biofilm, usually a pale yellow that develops naturally on the teeth
What is gingivitis?Gingivitis ("inflammation of the gum tissue") is a non-destructive periodontal disease
Common site of mandibular fractures?Mandibular symphysis (also body & ramus)
What are the 3 main categories of icterus (hyperbilirubinemia)?Pre-hepatic, hepatic, & post-hepatic
Pre-hepatic icterus is?"Hemolytic Icterus" - due to increased RBC destruction, releasing bilirubin into the plasma faster than the liver can conjugate/secrete it
Hepatic icterus is?"Toxic Icterus" - Liver cell damage may lead to jaundice by 2 main mechanisms: acute hepatic necrosis & chronic liver failure
Post-hepatic icterus is?"Obstructive icterus" - obstruction in biliary tract
How do you evaluate for FB under the tongue of a cat?Hold mouth open, press up under jaw to lift tongue, flick tongue aside to look
Differentials for a dog who can't close his mouth?Trigeminal n damage, broken/luxated/subluxated jaw, rabies, botulism
Describe pharyngeal tonsils?Located on the pharyngeal septum in the nasopharynx. (More medial than palatine)
How does abd. Palpation differ between smdogs+cats versus large animals?1 hand vs 2
Concerns of doing abd. Palpation?Aggression, obesity
What should your fingers be doing with abd palpation?Not turned in, flat, LIGHT FINGER PRESSURE (trace structures, don't grab them)
Terms to describe organs/masses in abd palpation (4 pairs)Firm/compressible? Fluctuant (fluid filled) or not? Movable or fixed? Smooth or irregular surface?
Most important thing to keep in mind with abd palp?Be gentle!
What will elevating forequarters help you better palpate?Liver, spleen, anterior intestinal structures
What will pushing upward on caudal abdomen help you palpate?Will move prostate into pelvic canal
How do you palpate abdomen in terms of what where? (Simple approach)Cr, mid, then ca abdomen
What are the palpable structures in the cr abd?Liver, spleen, sm. int. STOMACH
What are the palpable structures in the mid abd?Spleen, kidneys, sm int
What are the palpable structures in the ca abd?Urinary bladder, prostate, uterus, colon, sm. int.
What would you try to ID when palpating U bladder? Precautions?*Be gentle, can rupture. Cystic calculi, Masses, Turgidity (Swollen or distended, as from a fluid; bloated)
When is stomach palpable, & where?If it has eaten, behind ribs to mid-abdomen
How would you describe the palpable edges of the liver?Sharp & defined
What are you looking for when palpating SI? (Bad things)Masses, FBs, pain on palpation
Describe/discuss abdominal percussion, & discuss changes associated with GDVYou flick or tap at abdomen while asculting, & in the abdomen there shouldnt be any gas-filled structures (regular gas in intestines wouldnt be enough) so you would hear a dull thud. If GDV the GI twists & the stomach fills with air - if you percuss/ascult now, you will hear a "ping" because there is a hollow air filled structure which shouldnt be there
How to differentiate feces in the colon versus a mass?Feces will be indentible with your fingers, also they are usually in clumps or bunches / are longer, not 1 discrete mass
How would you describe the palpable edges of the liver?Sharp & defined. Liver should be firm. & more specifically on right side around costal arches
What should you be palpating for in a rectal exam?Prostate, anal glands, look for masses, anal tone for neuro exam, possible pelvic fracture, possibly feel stones in pelvic urethra, iliac LNs
When would you do a prostate exam?Intact male dogs
When would you test tone on rectal exam?Neuro pts
What lymph nodes are associated with a rectal exam?Iliac LNs
Difference between melena & hematochezia?Melena = Black blood, old blood, upper GI. Hematochezia = red blood, fresh blood, lower GI
Small bowel vs large bowel diarrhea?SMALL bowl = More watery, larger volume. Weight loss. Melena. LARGE bowel = MUCOID, soft, usually less volume than small bowel diarrhea. Usually more often. Fresh blood