PDF 8 Reproductive System

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What is the functions of the reproductive systempreserve the species
What is the primary male reproductive organtestes
What contains enzymes that help the sperm penetrate the eggacrosome
What contains the sperms DNAnucleus
What creates ATP to provide energy for motilitymitochondria
Where does sperm matureepididymis
What encloses blood vessels and nerves in a connective sheathsperm duct (ductus (vas) deferens
How does sperm travelvas deferens, ejaculatory duct prostate, prostatic urethra, membraneous urethra and then spongy urethra
What produces 60% of the seminal fluid and nourishes the sperm paired seminal vesicles
What is blow the prostate and produce a thick clear alkaline mucus that drains into the urethra to wash residual and protect spermbulbourethral glands
What are parts of the penisshaft and glans penis and foreskin

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What produces testosteroneinterstitial cells
What produces immature spermseminiferous tubules
What are functions of the ovariesproduce eggs; estrogen and progestrone
What is a rounded mound of fat that is covered with pubic hairmons pubis
What folds are homologous to the scrotumlabia major
What encloses the vestibulelabia minor
What is homologous to the penisclitoris
What is the outlet for the urinary systemurethral orifice
What flanks the vaginal orificevestibular glands
What is the thick mucosal lining of the uterus and comes off during menstruationendometrium

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what fold encloses the uterine tube and uterus and secure it to the lateral body wallsbroad ligament
What anchors the uterusmesometrium
what anchors the uterine tubemesosalpinx
What supports the ovariesovarian ligament, suspensory ligaments and broad ligament (mesovarium)
what contains the glandular alveoli that produces milk lactation