PDF 7 Urinary System

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What is the function of urinary systemremoval of nitrogenous waste
What is the function of the kidneys maintain electrolyte, acid base, fluid balance, filter blood and make urine
What drains urine from the kidneys by peristalsis to the bladderureters
what provides temporary storage for the urinebladder
what is the triangular region of the bladdertrigone
What are the 3 regions of the male urethraprostatic, membraneous, spongy urethra
What is the segment that passes through the prostate gland, recieves spermprostatic
What is the segment that passes through the perineummembraneous
What is the segment that passes through the penisspongy
What is a smooth transparent membrane that tightly sticks to the outside of the kidneyrenal capsule
What is the superficial kidney regionkidney cortex
What is the region deep to the cortex and is reddish-brown colormedullary region
What is the medulla segregated into triangular regionmedullary pyramid
what is the area of the that dip inbetween pyramid renal columns

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What is the passage of urine drainageecollecting duct to minor calyx, major calyx,renal pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder
What are the units responsible for forming urinenephrons
The movement through renal tubuleGlomerulus (bowman's capsule) , pproximal capsule, proximal tubule, loop of henle, distal tubule
What are the two capillary bedsglomerulus and peritubular capillary beds
What feeds into the bed (red)afferent arteriole
What drains into the bed (blue)efferent arteriole
What produces the filtrateglomerular capillaries
What absorbs most of the filtrateperitubular capillaries
What helps form concentrated urineJuxtaglomerular apparatus
What are the processes from urine formationfiltration, reabsorption, secretion
What is the process in which urine empties from the bladdermicturition
What is the lack of voluntary control over external sphincterincontinence