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Quiz rumi GI

Question Answer
tachypnea, tachycardia, rumen hypomotility, and moderate distention of the left paralumbar fossa (rumen) The cow appears anxious and has evidence of ptyalism--> what do?attempt to pass stomach tube
what might ptyalism be a sign of, and as an examiner what should you do?WEAR GLOVES!! to protect from zoonotic dz. Often a sign with choke, stomatitis, Foreign body penetration of the oral cavity or pharynx, Ruminal disorders, Rabies, Various toxicities
how can you tell that the stomach tube is in the rumen?Auscult the left paralumbar fossa while someone blows on the stomach tube--> you should hear bubbles
sheep is ataxic and has evidence of ptyalism, there were agressive animals around, first thing you should do to examine sheep is?PUT ON GLOVES
rumen fluid is a milky gray color--> what mean?Grey things are dead things! What kills rumen flora? acid! so, most likely recently the diet contained more grain than usual (leads to rumen acidosis)
How many permanent incisors do you expect to see in a cow greater than 5 years of age?8!
Dairy cow with a Body Condition Score of 4--> should you do an oral exam?no, at least not if this is the only sign (obv no probs eating, diary scored out of 5 and beef out of 9)
reasons to examine cows mouth Excessive salivation, Dropping feed from mouth, Abnormal odor coming from mouth
Why would rumen bloat be considered a medical emergency?Compression of the diaphragm leads to respiratory failure
how can you test if rumen microbes are alive and well, and what is a result that they ARE well?Perform a methylene blue reduction test - with a return to normal rumen fluid color after five minutes
Transfaunation isThe act of administering fresh rumen fluid from a healthy cow to a sick cow
Rumen fluid is collected as part of the exam and a Methylene Blue Reduction Test is performed. The sample turns clean after 5 minutes. What mean?microbes are fine, yo
how does the saliva of a moomoo affect the pH of the rumen?saliva rich in bicarb--> inc pH
which cow tummy is responsible for acid digestion?abomasum
if a cow eats a huge amount of shell corn over night, what pH do you expect to see the next AM?Rumen fluid will have a pH less than 5 because of excess carbohydrate ingestion
why would you measure rumen Cl- levels?You suspect abomasal impaction; for example, a sheep with Abomasal Emptying Defect. (Cl- is from the hydrochloric acid)
no incisors in his maxilla and two big central incisors and three other incisors on either side of the central two on the mandible. These 6 others are much smaller and looser and are very white compared to the central two.--> age? what's up with the smaller teeth?2yo, desicuous teeth
what is IDEAL COW RUMEN pH?? 6.2 – 6.8
what are two easy tests you might wanna perform if you think a cow swallowed some wire?Cardiac auscultation and a whither pinch test
whats a major way a cow could get FROTHY bloat?Consumption of alfalfa plants that produce mucopolysaccharide slime, entrapping rumen gas
ow that is on an all grass pasture. No grain is fed to the animal. What would be the expected rumen pH?6-6.5
How can you tell if the stomach tube is in the trachea?Rattle the trachea and feel the tube hitting the cartilaginous rings
should you smell the air coming out of a GI tube to make sure it's in the lungs or rumen?no, misleading, lung necrosis can smell like GI
if you suck on a GI tube and get neg pressure (air doesnt come out) what does it mean?means you're in the eso (collapsible tube, whereas in trachea this wouldnt happen)

Quiz equine GI

Question Answer
what is colic most commonly caused by?GI disorder
does colic always= GI dz?no
if you IV inject xylazine, what TPR value is unrealiable?heart rate (xyla slows)
if you wanna ascult for sand colic, where would you do it? Along the ventral midline (sand is heavy, goes to the lowest point)
when might you hear “hypermotile” gastrointestinal borborgymi on auscultation of an equine patient?pt with diarrhea
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is very effective a ameliorating visceral pain in colic patients?Flunixin meglumine
where would be a bad place to do IM, why?gluteals, because no way to drain if abscess formation
In normal horses, how often should you hear borborygmi in the four quandrants of the abdomen?All quadrants should have some borborgymi
which procedure may prevent gastric rupture in a horse with colic? Passing a nasogastric tube to release fluid and/or gas from the stomach
if there is no sand in your glove test for sand colic, does that mean theres no sand colic?no
What type of drug is N-butylscopolammonium bromide (Buscopan®) and what effect will it have on the patient’s heart rate?Parasympatholytic, transient tachycardia
what drug is administered prior to performing a rectal exam to decrease luminal pressure within the rectum (to decrease the risk of rectal tearing)?N-butylscopolammonium bromide (Buscopan®)
when should you perform a equine rectal exam? Should be performed only if proper restraint and safety of horse and veterinarian can be assured
What is the most common site of intravenous injection in the equine patient?jugular
What is the dorsal border of the intramuscular injection site in the neck of the horse?base of the nuchal lig
What is the first step in performing a rectal exam?make sure horse is properly restrained
is Clear yellow fluid, WBC = 1,800 cells, TP < 1.5g/dl normal peritoneal fluid in a horse?yes

Quiz bovine PE

Question Answer
where would you assess CRT in a cow?vulvar membranes
What are you auscultating in the bovine left paralumbar fossa?rumen
How many ruminal contractions are considered normal?2-3 every 3 min
In order to procure a urine sample, how do you go about encouraging the cow to urinate? Stroke the perineum with one hand, not touching the cow with your other hand
How many ribs do cows have?13
What shape is a cow’s pupil?....i thought it was horizontal. is this question still up in the air? we got the point back...
Where is a good place to assess hydration in a cow?above upper eyelid (pinch for tenting)
What is the body conditioning scale for beef cattle?1-9
What is the body conditioning scale for dairy cattle?1-5
Why would you perform an oral examination in a cow? (3 reasons)To assess the age of the animal, To look for the presence of any possible foreign material, To check for any ulcers or vesicles
normal bovine body temp?101.5 °F-102.5 °F
What are the most common sites to take blood from in cattle?The jugular vein and the coccygeal vein (make sure to check if aa or vv)
What gastrointestinal viscera are normally located at the area of the right paralumbar fossa?spiral colon
how do you find the lung field to ascult breathing in a cow? Counting back from the 13th rib you reach the 11th rib. From here you draw a line roughly from the 11th rib at the level of the tuber coxae diagonally down to the level of the elbow. This marks out the lung field in a cow.
how can you check the cow's milk for mastitis if it's not obviously lumpy?The CMT (California Milk Test)
no abdominal discomfort, abdomen is disproportionately but symmetrically large in comparison to normal. Prolly what?fat
Tachycardia, delayed jugular refill, prolonged capillary refill time (CRT), a delayed skin tent and cold extremities with thready (weak) peripheral pulse quality probably means cow is...hypovolemic
horse's face pulled to one side, do what tests?Assessing tongue tone and a Schirmer's tear test
Which metacarpal bones are known as splint bonesMetacarpal bones 2 and 4
which reflex will a foal not have?no menace response (learned)
Which bone is found within the hoof capsule of the horse?P3
What is another name for the short pastern bone?p2
In a DLPMO view of the equine carpus, which of the following anatomical surface areas is highlighted?The dorsomedial and palmarolateral surfaces (its the opposite)
Which of the metacarpal bones is a weight-bearing bone?3
a head tilt to the right, Nystagmus with the fast phase to the left and a wide base stance. When moved the horse seems to "fall" to the right side. which nerve do you suspect to be paralyzed?facial nerve paralysis might be suspected
Within the distal limb of the horse, most lameness conditions are localized to which area?the foot
what are the 4 regions of the equine foot? Hoof wall, heel, quarter, toe
hat is another name for the distal sesamoid bone and where is it found within the distal limb of the horse?The navicular bone, lies between the distal and middle phalanx
What are the carpal bones that make up the distal row? Carpal bone 2, carpal bone 3, and carpal bone 4
How much overlap should a proper distal limb bandage have?You should aim to overlap by about 50% of the previous wrap
Bounding pulses may be associated with what in the foot?inflammation in the hoof, such as a hoof abscess
where can you palpate the digital pulse in a horse foot?Lateral and medial aspect of the fetlock, The lateral and medial digital arteries
which ligament is clearly visible in the distal limb from a distance?the suspensory ligament is clearly visible from a distance
In a DMPLO oblique of the equine carpus, which of the following anatomical surface areas is highlighted?The dorsolateral and palmaromedial surfaces
What is the name of the extensor tendon that runs up the dorsal aspect of the equine distal forelimb? Common digital extensor tendon
Starting at the cannon bone and moving toward the skin surface, what is the order of tendons and ligaments?Cannon bone, suspensory ligament, DDFT, SDFT
If you are able to illicit a positive response to hoof testers, what do you do next?test again to make sure it was a true positive
Which joints within the equine carpus are known to communicate?The middle carpal joint and carpometacarpal joint

quiz equine pre lab

Question Answer
normal equine body temp 99.0 °F-101.5 °F
What should the CRT be in a normal horse?<2sec
Which of the following cardiac valves is ausculted on the left side of the thorax at the level of the caudal border of the triceps muscle?mitral
How many ribs do horses have?18
what is a branch of the trigeminal nerve?opthalmic
Which cranial nerve has the motor component to the muscles of facial expression and sensory component that innervates the lacrimal and salivary glands?7, facial
if you want a definite BCS what must you do?To acquire a definite BCS you will need to perform a hands on examination
Where does one place the weight tape when trying to get a weight estimate? Around the barrel/thorax at the level of the withers
What shape is a horse’s pupil?oval and horizontal
What nerves are you testing by shining a light in a horse’s eye? (PLR)CN 2+3
What is a preferred location of blood collection in a horse?jugular v
What are preferred locations for intramuscular injections in horses?neck mm and pecs
What are the best places for taking a pulse in a horse?facial and transverse facial a
If the horse does not blink when you touch the medial canthus of the eye but blinks when touching the lateral canthus, which nerve is affected?opthalmic branch of n 5
What are core vaccines in horses?WEE and rabies
which LNs dont you palpate in a normal exam?prefemorals (that's cows)
What is the safest way to pick up a hind limb?Approach the horse first at the head and move to the rear end, staying as close as possible to the horse, to pick up the hind limb
What is the normal respiratory rate in horses?8-15
Which of the following best describes normal intestinal sounds in horses?some GI in all 4 quads

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