Pathology-Important bodies-part 2

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Section 1

Intracytoplasmic Inclusions :

Question Answer
Guarnieri bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Small pox
Henderson Peterson bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Molluscum Contagiosum
Bollinger bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Fowl pox
Halberstaedter Prowazeki bodies[HP bodies] (Intracytoplasmic)Trachoma
Negri bodies(Intracytoplasmic)Rabies

Section 2

Intranuclear inclusions :

Question Answer
Cowdry Type A -Lipschutz inclusions (Intranuclear )Herpes virus
Cowdry Type A -Torres bodies (Intranuclear )Yellow fever
Cowdry Type B-Acidophilic (Intranuclear)Polio virus
Cowdry Type B-Basophilic (Intranuclear)Adenovirus

Section 3

Other Important Inclusion Bodies :

Question Answer
Asteroid bodySarcoidosis, Sporotrichosis
Ferruginous bodyAsbestosis
Torres body (Intranuclear)-Cowdry type A bodiesYellow fever
Lafora bodyMyoclonic epilepsy
Lipschutz inclusions(intranuclear)-Cowdry type A bodiesHerpes virus
Cowdry type B-Acidophilic intranuclear bodiesPoliovirus
Cowdry type B -Basophilic intranuclear bodies Adenovirus
Guarnieri bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Small pox
Henderson Peterson bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Molluscum Contagiosum
Bollinger bodies (Intracytoplasmic)Fowl pox
Halberstaedter Prowazeki bodies[HP bodies](Intracytoplasmic)Trachoma
Negri bodies(Intracytoplasmic)Rabies
Michaelis Gutmann bodiesMalacoplakia
Mallory bodies- Primary Biliary Cirrhosis - Alcoholic Hepatitis - Wilson's disease - Chronic Cholestasis - Hepatocellular Carcioma
Miyagawa's CorpusclesBuboes from LGV(LymphoGranulomaVenereum-Chlamydia trachomatis is the bacterium responsible for LGV.)
Leishman Donovan bodiesKala Azar
Babes - Ernst GranulesCorynebacterium diphtheriae
Donovan BodiesGranuloma Inguinale
Lewy BodiesParkinsonism
Russel bodiesMultiple Myeloma

Section 4

Question Answer
Warthin-Finkedely Giant CellsMeasles
Owl-Eye InclusionsCMV ,HERPES->Remember
Keratin PearlsSquamous Cell Carcinoma
Pick bodyPick's disease
Aschoff bodiesRheumatic fever
Bodies of ArantiusAortic valve nodules
Body of Highmore Mediastinum Testis
Brassy bodyDark Shrunken Blood Corpuscle in Malaria
Call Exner bodiesGranulosa Theca cell Tumour
Chromatid bodiesEntamoeba histolytica pre-Cyst
Citron bodiesClostridium septicum
Civatte bodiesLichen Planus
Councilman bodiesHepatitis
Coccoid X BodiesPsittacosis (Also Levinthal Colles Lille bodies)
Creola bodiesAsthma
Gamma gandy bodiesCongestive splenomegaly
Guarnieri bodiesVaccinia (Small pox)

Section 5

Question Answer
Heinz bodiesG6PD deficiency
Hirano bodiesAlzheimer's disease
Levinthal Colles Lille bodiesPsittaosis(Also Coccoid X bodies)
Mooser bodiesEndemic Typhus
Moot bodies *Multiple Myeloma *
Psammoma bodies(Very important question)Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid,Ovary & Salivary glands; Meningioma ; Mesothelioma
Reilly bodiesHurler's syndrome
Rokitansky bodiesTeratoma
Ross's bodies*Syphilis* (Also Winkler bodies)
Rushton bodies*Odontogenic cyst*
Sclerotic bodiesChromoblastmycosis
Sandstorm bodies*Parathyroid glands*
Schillar Duval bodiesYolk sac tumour
Schaumann bodiesSarcoidosis (Also Asteroid body )
Verocay bodiesSchwannoma
Winkler bodiesSyphilis (Also Ross's bodies)
Zebra bodiesMetachromatic Leukodystrophy

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