PATHOLOGY -2 -Most Common Cause of death in various diseases

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DiseaseMost Common Cause of death
Diabetes mellitusMyocardial infarction
Multiple myelomainfection
MC cause of death within 3 months of total hip replacementPulmonary thromboembolism
Crohn’s diseaseMalignancy
Burns in early periodHypovolemic shock
Injury to chestTracheobronchial injury or rupture
Breech deliveryIntracranial Haemorrhage
Carcinoma Cervix1st Uraemia ,2nd Haemorrhage
Untreated Botulism Respiratory failure
CDH1st Pulmonary Complication , 2nd Intestinal Obstruction
Aortic Stenosis in ChildrenIschemic Heart Disease with Ventricular Fibrillation
Peptic ulcerPerforation
MC cause of death among geriatrics above 70 years of age Cardiovascular disease
Most IMORTANT cause of death in SEPTIC SHOCKHypotension
Marfan’s syndromeAortic Dissection
Leading cause of death in PNH Thrombosis
Goodpasture syndrome Uraemia
Congenital heart disease –Birth to 7 hours Pulmonary , Mitral , Aortic Atresia
Congenital heart diseaseHypoplastic Left & Right heart syndrome , Transposition & Malposition of Great Arteries
Carcinoma PenisErosion of Femoral Vessels
Renal transplant patientHeart disease > Infection >Stroke (Mnemonic-HIS)
Polio Respiratory Insufficiency