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If you wanna be my Liver

Question Answer
term: hepatic retention of all bile constituentsCholestasis
Cholestasis will lead to what excess serum levelsbilirubin (jaundice), Alkaline Phosphatase & γGGT(these 2 are indicative of bile obstruction)
what vitamin levels are decreased as a result of Cholestasis?vit A, D & K
what is endproduct of heme degeneration?Bilirubin
What protein carries Unconjugated Bilirubin to the liver?Albumin
Bilirubin is modified into _____ ______ in the liverGluc-Uronic Acid
Glucuronic acid is excreted in bile... and becomes ______ in the stoolUrobilinogen
term: systemic bilirubin retention causing yellow discoloration of tissues - skin and scleraJaundice
What type of bilirubin is elevated with indirect jaundice?Unconjugated Bilirubin (this is bilirubin coming to liver)
What type of bilirubin is elevated with direct jaundice?Conjugated (this has been modified by liver... think Cholestasis)
condition caused by liver: subtle behavioral abnormalities, confusion, stupor, coma, or death, ... Rigidity, hyperreflexia, seizures, asterixHepatic Encephalopathy
Main cause of cirrhosis of liverAlcoholism
Bridging Fibrosis and regenerative nodulesin liver are microscopic signs of what condition?Cirrhosis
shunts between arterial and portal vessels in fibrous septae (arterialization of portal vein) is associated with what problematic condition? (not diseases that cause condition)Portal Hypertension
Collection of excessive fluid (> 500ml and up to several liters) into the peritoneal cavityAscites (Hydroperitoneum)
Hepatitis C is caused by an RNA virus of the ______ groupFlaviviridae
Chronic hepatitis due to antibody dependent T-cell mediated cytotoxicity is called _____ hepatitis, and has elevations of what antibody?Autoimmune; IgG
Rx treatment for Primary Biliary CirrhosisUrsodeoxycholic acid
disease assoc w. granulomatous destruction of portal bile ductsBiliary Cirrhosis
Anti-mitochondrial antibodies are associated with what disease?Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
P-ANCA antibodies are associated with what disease?PRIMARY SCLEROSING CHOLANGITIS
Only treatment option for PRIMARY SCLEROSING CHOLANGITISLiver Transplant
periductal concentric lamellar (“onion-skin”) fibrosis of portal tractSclerosing Cholangitis
Three overlapping pathologic patterns of Alcoholic Liver DiseaseSteatosis (fatty accumulation in cells), Steatohepatitis (fatty liver), & Cirrhosis
Neuropathy in alcoholism is secondary to _____ deficiencyThiamine (aka vit B1)
Indolent ("causing little or no pain") disorder with elevated aminotransferases leading to Steatohepatitis but without cirrhosisNon-alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Steatohepatitis WITHOUT cirrhosis is likely ____, while Steatohepatitis WITH cirrhosis is likely ____NASH (non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis); ALD (Alcoholic Liver Disease)
mutations in HFE gene (chromosome 6), C282Y / H63D mutations, are associated with what condition?Primary Hemochromatosis (iron overload)(treated with CHELATORS and PHLEBOTOMY)
defect in copper transporter gene (chromosome 13) that causes autosomal recessive disorder of copper metabolismWilson's disease
Kayser-Fleischer rings of the eye are signs of ...Wilson's disease
Disease: Laboratory results include ↓serum ceruloplasmin (copper carrier in blood), ↑urinary copper, ↑ hepatic copper contentWilson's disease
Treatment for Wilson's diseaseD-penicillamine (copper chelator)
Autosomal recessive disorder that results in ↓ serum protease inhibitor (Pi)α1-ANTITRYPSIN DEFICIENCY
Which is more common: Primary or Secondary Liver cancer?Secondary (Metastatic is most common)
Young women on oral contraceptives can develop benign hepatic tumors... what major complication could result if they continue taking the pill?Massive Hemorrhage
Most common primary liver malignancyHEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA***
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis is commonly associated with what autoimmune disease?Ulcerative Colitis ("70% assoc with Irritable Bowel disease, esp Ulcerative Colitis")
Chronic, insidious progressive fibroinflammatory disease segmentally affecting intra and extrahepatic bile ductsPrimary Sclerosing Cholangitis