Path- Lab- Tumors 2

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Question Answer
Hypercalcemia tumors?Lymphosarcoma
Anal sac adenocarcinoma
Multiple myeloma
Most common tumor in animals?Lymphosarcoma/lymphoma
Most common tumor in cats?Fibrosarcoma
Most common tumor in bitches?Mammary gland tumor of caudal 2 glands
Most common tumor in rabbits?Adenoma of the uterus
Aside from lymphoma, most common tumor in cows?Adenoma/adenocarcinoma of uterus
Fast-growing benign tumors?Histiocytoma, dog mouth papillomas
Malignant tumor that requires other stuff for it to have a faster growth rate, not just due to its inherent malignancy?Mammary gland tumors which grow based on presence of hormone
Do benign or malignant tumors more often have a capsule?Benign more often have capsules (think of capsulated lipomas)
Is cancer contagious?NO! Not unless it is clonally transmissible or has a viral etiology → TVT/DFTD, papillomavirus infxn, feline sarcoma virus, etc
What is the major thing that carcinogens do to cause cancer?CHANGE THE DNA
If it's a cat with a hemopoietic tumor, what are you thinking?Lymphosarcoma (& most common for cats is alimentary)
Smooth muscle cell tumors (benign/malig) are calledLeiomyoma / leiomyosarcoma
Striated muscle cell tumors (benign/malig) are calledRhabdomyoma/ rhabdomyosarcoma
Retroviruses that can cause cancer?Feline Leukemia Virus, Bovine Leukemia Virus, Walleye dermal sarcoma virus of fish, Maedi-Visna virus in sheep.
The most common testicular tumor in middle-to-old age dogsLeydig cell tumor
What is a Choristoma?Non-neoplastic, normal, mature tissue in an abnormal site, such as a dermoid