Parties and Groups- us government

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Question Answer
Conservativeslimited government, unregulated free market, self reliance, social values
PluralistsReligious diversity, government by elites
Liberals Most likely to support gov. involvement in the economy. Support for abortion rights, concern for the accused, resistance to state involvement with religious institutions, and support of the United Nations
Constructionistinterpret the constitution literally and grant only those freedoms expressly cited in the constitution
DemocratsUrban Dwellers, supporters of civil rights advancements
RepublicansMen, wealthy individuals, college graduates, Christians.
RoyalistsOpposed to the United States constitution
FederalistsWanted strong federal government
Anti-Federalistssupported stronger state powers and a weaker national government..
Whigs1833 to 1856- supported the supremacy of congress over the Executive Branch and favored a program of modernization and economic protectionism. Formed in opposition to the policies of the democratic party