Particle size reduction

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Importance of particle size • Particle size controls solubility • When absorption is happening drug should be non-polar so it can pass through phospholipid bilayer in small intestine • Drug needs to be solubilised otherwise it will be eliminated • Absorption through GI tract (higher solubility in GI tract) .Before it reaches systemic circulation goes through liver for first pass metabolism • Particle size of other excipients is also important as this affects the flow.
Therefore• The smaller the size the larger the surface area ->better dissolution • Need a balance between drug solubilisation and absorption
what is Air jet mill• IN Air jet material will decompress but won’t fragment • When the pressure goes down it will go to original state (elastic) • Uses air and pressure to achieve size reduction for Air jet mill
mechanisms of air jet mill• Increasing grinding size reduces the particle size • Fluid inlet jet is the feeder –air introduced from the bottom ,particles travel to the top • Putting a sieve or a mesh controls particle size • Close looped continuous system-material also recycled back until desired size is reached • The risk of contamination is low and do not lose water
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