Part I Constitutional FrameWork - Making of the Constitution

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Composition of the CA

Question Answer
When was the First time - a demand by INC for a Constituent Assembly to frame constitution1935
When did J Nehru on behalf of INC demand that Constitution of India must be framed by a CA without the outside interference on the basis of ADULT FRANCHISE1938
When was the demand for a CA accepted in principle by British GovernmentAugust offer of 1940
When did Sir stafford cripps (member of british Cabinet) come to India with a draft proposal of the British government on framing Constitution after WWII?1942
Who rejected the Cripps proposals? Muslim League
Why Muslim League rejected cripps proposals?It wanted India to be divided in to 2 autonomous states with 2 CA
Which scheme was accepted by ML ?Cabinet Mission
Who were the members of the Cabinet commission?Lord pethick Lawrence, Sir Stafford cripps and AV Alexander
When was the Cabinet mission plan published?May 1946
When was CA Constituted?November 1946
Under what plan was CA Constituted?Cabinet Mission Plan
Under CM plan what was the Total Strength of CA?389
How many seats in CA was allocated to British India?296
How many Seats in CA was allocated to Princely states?93
How were the seats of British India allocated internally?292(11 governors provinces)+4(four chief commissioners provinces)
What were the 11 governors provinces?Madras, Bombay, U P , Bihar, Central Provinces, Orissa, Punjab, NWFP, Sindh, Bengal and Assam
What were the 4 Chief commisioners provinces?Delhi, Ajmer–Merwara, Coorg and British Baluchistan
How many seats were allocated to EACH province/princely state (or group of states in case of small states)?Population based - ~ 1 seat /million population
How were seats of British provinces distributed to to different communities?Proportion of Respective population of 3 communities (sikhs,muslims and general)
How were the representatives of each community elected?By the members of the community in Provincial Legislative Assembly
What was the Method of Voting to elect the representatives of each community?Propotional representation by means of single transferable vote
How were the representatives of princely states NOMINATED?They were NOMINATED by heads of princely states
Was CA a partly elected and Partly Nominated body?Yes
Was election to CA direct ?No.Because the members were indirectly elected by members of Provincial assemblies who were themselves on basis of Limited franchise (GOI 1935)
When was the election to CA held?July-August 1946
Who won CA elections?Congress- 208,ML-73,independents -15
What happened to 93 seats allocated to princely states after CA elections of July August 1946?They remained unfilled as princely states decided to stay away
Who were 2 famous personalities not part of CAGandhiji and MA Jinnah

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