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Question Answer
abscesses in liver, brain, pericardium, skin, lung, and eyeE. histolytica
invasive dysentery w/ WBCsE. histolytica
small intestine / colon infectionGiardia / E. histolytica
trophozoite stage onlyTrichomonas
african sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis)Trypanosoma Brucei
high parasitemiaTrypanosoma Brucei
diffuse meningoencephalitis, occipital lymphadenopathy (Winterbottom's sign)Trypanosoma Brucei
extracellular in lymphatics and bloodTrypanosoma Brucei
Chagas disease (latin america)Trypanosoma Cruzi
periorbital edema (romana's sign)Trypanosoma Cruzi
megaesophagus, megacolon, cardiomyopathyTrypanosoma Cruzi
infect all nucleated cells (cardiac, smooth mm.)Trypanosoma Cruzi
in macrophages > RE system > BM > pancytopenialeishmania
mutilating disease of cartilageleishmania
blackwater fever, CEREBRAL malariaP. falciparum
affect only reticsP. vivax / ovale
affect only mature RBCsP. malariae
malaria that doesn't relapseP. falciparum
binds Duffy AgP. vivax
resistance to drug chloroquinone - increased prevalence Plasmodium
dull colicky abdominal pain from eating undercooked beefTaenia saginata
cysticercosis- CNS seizures, focal deficits, hydrocephalus, ocular diseaseTaenia solium
cystic hydatid disease (liver and lungs), rupture leads to anaphylactic reactionEchinococcus
loeffler's syndrome- transient infiltration of lungsAscaris lumbricoides
eosinophilia in tissue phaseAscaris lumbricoides
blocks lymphatics- elephantiasisWuchereria bancrofti, Brugia Malayi
calabar swellings (sub-q edema), adult migrates through conjunctiva as wellLoa Loa
river blindnessOnchocerca volvulus
hepatomegaly from migration of larvae to visceraToxocara
invades all RBC, alters RBC membrane > increases adherence to endo P. falciparum
cyclic fever chills, hemolytic anemia,retinal hemorrhagePlasmodium

Route of Infection

Question Answer
fecal oralGiardia
fecal oralEntamoeba histolytica
Tsetse flyTrypanosoma brucei
reduviid bug (kissing bug)trypanosoma cruzi
cowTaenia saginata
pig / manTaenia solium
dogs / manEchinococcus
fecal oralAscaris lumbricoides
mosquitoWuchereria bancrofti
mosquitoBrugia malayi
horseflyLoa Loa
blackflyOnchocerca volvulus
cat / dog (eating)Toxocara
anopheles mosquitoplasmodium

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