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Question Answer
chronic: amoebic liver abscessE. histolytica
amoebic dysentery w/ amoebic liver abscessE. histolytica
flagellate; Fowl smelling, bulky diarrhea; no blood in stool; lives in small intestine, malabsorptionGiardia lamblia
small intestine / colon infectionGiardia / E. histolytica
african sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis)Trypanosoma Brucei
extracellular in lymphatics and bloodTrypanosoma Brucei
Chagas disease (latin america)Trypanosoma Cruzi
periorbital edema (romana's sign)Trypanosoma Cruzi
megacolon, cardiomyopathy, Chaga's diseaseTrypanosoma Cruzi
visceral, cutaneous, and mucocutaneous leishmaniasisleishmania
blackwater fever, CEREBRAL malariaP. falciparum
affect only mature RBCsP. malariae
malaria that doesn't relapseP. falciparum
Dermatitis, ascites, pulmonary fibrosis, CNS, hepatosplenomegaly, localized to mesenteric veinsSchistosoma mansoni/ japonicum
cercarial dermatitis (swimmers itch)Schistosoma
Urinary bladderSchistosoma haematobium
blood flukesSchistosoma
Chinese liver fluke, widespread in Asia; raw and pickled fishClonorchis Sinensis
intestinal flukeFasciolopsis buski
lung fluke (detected in sputum)Paragonimus westermani
megaloblastic anemia (likes Vit B12)Diphyllobothrum latum
largest human tapewormDiphyllobothrum latum
dull colicky abdominal pain from eating undercooked beefTaenia saginata
cysticercosis- CNS seizures, focal deficits, hydrocephalus, ocular diseaseTaenia solium
hydatid disease when larval stages are ingested; can cause space occupying lesions in liver/brainEchinococcus
pinworm, found in children; PERIANAL ITCHINGEnterobius
rectal prolapse, diarrhea, anemiaTrichuris (whipworm)
eosinophilia in tissue phaseAscaris lumbricoides (roundworm)
major cause of anaemia,ground itch (severe itching)Ancylosoma / Necator (hookworms)
microcytic anemia, pica, pot bellyAncylosoma duodenale / Necator americanus
infection more severe in immunocompromised pplStrongyloides
inhabits the small bowelStrongyloides
major cause of lymphatic filariasis; elephantiasis; blocks lymph, fluid accumulation in lower limbsWuchereria bancrofti, Brugia Malayi
visual blindness, severe itching of skinOnchocerca volvulus
encysted larva in skeletal mmTrichinella spiralis
can cause visceral larva migrans (VLM)Toxocara
invades all RBC, alters RBC membrane > increases adherence to endo P. falciparum
present in immunocompromised pts; sporazoaCryptosporidium parvum
ciliated, colonic ulcerationBalantidium Coli
severe manifestations and neonatal toxoplasmosisToxoplasma gondii
primary acute meningoencephalitisNaegleria fowleri
infection of eye, cornea, keratitis, eye pain, tearingAcanthamoeba
lives in intra hepatic bile ducts of liver; leads to anemiaFasciola hepatica (liver fluke)
non-motile, in small intestinal mucosa and causes diarrhea for several weeksCyclospora cyatenensis

Route of Infection

Question Answer
fecal oralGiardia
fecal oralEntamoeba histolytica
STDTrichomonas vaginalis
Tsetse flyTrypanosoma brucei
reduviid bug (kissing bug)trypanosoma cruzi
penetrate directly into skinSchistosoma
raw or pickled fishClonorchis sinensis
humans and pigs of Southeast AsiaFasciolopsis buski
raw/pickled crustaceans in Far East/Southeast AsiaParagonimus westermani
raw freshwater fishDiphyllobothrium latum
beefTenia saginata
pork/ manTenia solium
dogs / manEchinococcus
fecal oralEnterobius Vermicularis
fecal oralTrichuris trichuria
fecal oralAscaris lumbricoides
direct penetrationAncylostoma duodenale
direct penetrationNecator americanus
direct penetrationStrongyloides stercoralis
mosquitoWuchereria bancrofti (filarial nematode that requires vector)
mosquitoBrugia malayi (filarial nematode that requires vector)
horseflyLoa Loa
blackflyOnchocerca volvulus
poorly cooked meat, pigs (meat)Trichinella spiralis
human infection occurs when embryonated eggs from dog/cat feces are ingestedToxocara
direct penetrationAncylostoma braziliense
anopheles mosquitoplasmodium
sheepFasciola hepatica
colon of pigs, humans, and rodentsBalantidium Coli
ingestion of oocytes from cat fecesToxoplasma gondii
free living amoeba found in freshwaterNaegleria fowleri
free living amoeba found in environmental water sourcesAcanthamoeba