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Family Moniezia

Question Answer
Is moniezia zoonotic?No
Moniezia expansa affects who? (DH)Sheep, goats, sometimes cattle (expand your horizons - do all the things)
Moniezia bendezi affects who? (DH)Cattle (ben the bull)
Moniezia caprae affects who? (DH)Goats (Capricorn)
DH of moniezia?Young RUMINANTS (first year of life) (imagine monet painting a pasture of ruminants)
IH of moniezia? (Form in the IH?)Mites (Cysticercoids may overwinter in mites) (ruminants covered in bugs)
Describe the scolex of monieziaUnarmed (no rostella or hooks) w/ 4 suckers (it's just a rumi, you dont need teeth for it)
Describe the genital pores/proglottids of monieziaWide segments w/ 2 sets of genital organs along lateral margins of segments (ruminants are double-wide loads - bc 2 lateral pores on a wide segment)
Describe the eggs of monieziaSquare & triangular shaped eggs w/ teardrop-shaped pyriform apparatus (money isnt going to just paint a simple oval - no! he will paint all sorts of shapes, w/ EMOTIONS!, ie tear-drop shapes)
What is the lifecycle of moniezia?(Same as A. perfoliata) Mature segments passed in feces → disintegrate, releasing eggs → mites ingest eggs → develop into cysticercoid → sheep/goat/sometimes cattle ingests mites(soil/forage/oribatid mites).
What are the clinical signs moniezia causes?Usually asymptomatic. Heavy infections → unthriftiness, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction (monet has constipation when he painted this 1)
How do you dx moniezia?DIFFICULT TO DO SO. Mature proglottid or square egg in feces, w/ characteristic pyriform apparatus (in a monet painting of a pasture, you'd barely be able to see a little egg (or a tiny little mite) )
TX of moniezia?Praziquantel

ORDER Pseudophyllidae!

Question Answer
Are Pseudophyllidae zoonotic?Yes
Describe the scolex of Pseudophyllidaehas 2 bothria (slit like grooves) (they are suckers that look like slits)
How are eggs released?Gravid segments discharge eggs through uterine pore. (No segment detachment - dont need to, water shit)
Describe the eggs(oncospheres) of PseudophyllidaeThey look like fluke eggs*surrounded by thick brown operculate shell (makes sense because they are in the water & shit)
What are the IHs of Pseudophyllidae ?2 INTERMEDIATE HOSTS (M. corti is the other cestode which has 2 sets of IHs)
(1) Copepod
(2) Fish, amphibian, reptile
What is a coracidium?A ciliated oncosphere!
Describe the lifecycle of PseudophyllidaeOncosphere → coracidium (Ciliated oncosphere) → ingested by copepod → becomes procercoid (first stage larva) → ingested by 2nd IH → become plerocercoid (2nd stage larva) → DH ingests 2nd IH w/ plerocercoid
What is a procercoid? What is a plerocercoid?1st & 2nd stage larvae, respectively.

Family Diphyllobothridae

Question Answer
Describe the segments/ genital organs of DiphyllobothridaeMature segments broader than long, genital organs concentrated at center of segments
How are eggs released? Describe the eggs?Operculated eggs discharged through uterine pore (no segments released)

Spirometra mansonoides (aka Diphyllobothrium mansonoides)

Question Answer
DH of S. mansonoides?Lyn(lynx) rufus (bobcat), domestic cats, dogs, & raccoon ("MAN" the lynx said to the raccoon. "Dogs & cats are assholes, they got it made") (flat mm, body wall, SQ fascia)
IH of S. mansonoides? Which forms?2 IHs!
(1) Copepod/water flea (Cyclops) w/ procercoids(first stage larvae)
(2) Any class of vertebrae except fish w/ plerocercoid/spargana (water snake, FROGS, rabbits, birds, *HUMANS*)
How can a human get infected w/ S. mansonoides?Can become infected w/ plerocercoids by drinking water containing procercoids or a plerocercoid infected host (i.e. frog legs) or applying a poultice containing plerocercoids to wounds (review dictation: procercoid in waterflea, then ingested by rodent or frog....then develops to a plerocercoid, we eat that as ppl) (A MAN W/ SPIRALS PUTS FROGS ON HIS EYES)
*What is a Sparganosis?Plerocercoids migrate in SQ tissues= Sparganosis (review dictation: when host s ingesting anything other than a fish. NOT FISH.
think frog legs on eye)
(Spirometra Sparganosis)
What is a coracidium?Ciliated oncosphere
How to remember"MAN" the lynx named spiro said to the raccoon. "Dogs & cats are assholes, they got it made" they then ate some frog legs & copepods & felt the worms crawl on their eyes like pros

Diphyllobothrium latum

Question Answer
Describe the scolexAlso has bothria
Common name for D. latum?Broad-fish tapeworm (it is very long worm, she mentioned)
Describe the proglottidsMature gravid segments square shaped w/ central genital pore (fish are so square)
Describe the eggs of D. latumEggs yellow & operculate, but smallest
DH of D. latum?Humans & fish eating mammals (bears, dogs, cats)
IH of D. latum? (forms?)(2 PHASES)
(1) 1st IH: copepod/water flea (Cyclops) w/ procercoids
(2) 2nd IH: freshwater fish w/ plerocercoid
How are humans infected w/ D. latum?Humans infected after ingesting uncooked infected freshwater fish (who are the 2nd IH)
What are the clinical signs of an infection of D. latum?Macrocytic, hypochromic/ megaloblastic anemia, & Vit B12 deficiency (usually fish are good for you w/ their omega 3s, but in this case they give you anemia & a B12 DEFICIENCY. bummer.)
Control of D. latum?Proper sewage treatment, proper cooking of fish

By topic, randoms

Question Answer
Zoonotics!!! Name themTaenia Saginata, Taenia solium, Echinococcus granulosus, Echinococcus multilocularis, Dipylidium caninum, Mesocestoides corti (very rare), Spirometra mansonoides, Diphyllobothrium latum
NOT zoonoticAnoplocephala perfoliata, moniezia
Reportable!! Name themT. saginata, Taenia solium
Which is worse, E. granulosus or E. multilocularis? (In terms of the metacestode stages)Multilocularis = alveolar = worse prognosis
Who has piriform apparatuses?Anoplocephala perfoliata, & moniezia (same 1s who arent zoonotic)
Who has sparganosis?Spirometra mansonoides
Who does plural effusion w/ no masses?M. corti
Who is from eating fish?D. latum
Who has eggs like flukes?D. latum & & S. mansonoides
Who has coracidium?(Ciliated oncosphere) D latum & & S. mansonoides
Who has tetrathyridia?M. corti
Who causes intestinal obstructions?Moniezia
Who has only 1 genital pore?Echinococcus sp.

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