Parasit Lab Quiz 8-2

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Question Answer
What is usually the size of strongyles?Large
What is the buccal capsule of strongyles like?Large
What kinda feeders are strongylus?Plug feeders
Most pathogenic?Strongylus vulgaris
Causative agent of verminous arteritisS. vulgaris
Can prolong arrested larval stage (hypobiosis)Small strongyles (cyathostomes)
Transplacental?Stephanurus dentatum
Egg in urine?Stephanurus dentatum
No eggs during clinical signsCyathostomes, & Oesophagostomum dentatum
Infection via skinStephanurus dentatum
Y shaped adultSyngamus trachea (gapeworm)
Egg is has bipolar plugsSyngamus trachea (gapeworm)
Equine aneurysmS. vulgaris

Strongylus Vulgaris

Question Answer
How does S vulgaris eat?Plug feeder (bites onto a chunk)
How would you describe/id the adult?2 teeth in buccal capsule "leaf crown"
How pathogenic is S. vulgaris?Most pathogenic
describe the lifecycle of S. vulgarisEggs passed in feces → L3 develops in environment → L3 ingested by DH → L3 penetrate mucosa of ceceum/colon → Molt to L4 → migrate through cr. mesenteric arteries & branches (causes aneurysms) → molt to immature adult → mature to adult in intestinal wall
What dz does S vulgaris cause?Verminous arteritis
What is the clinical signs/pathogenesis of verminous arteritis?Arterial aneurysms, thromboembolism, intestinal infarction
What is the major problem S. vulgaris usually causes?COLIC
How do you dx?ELISA
What do eggs look like?Oval w/ a bunch of circles in it

Small Strongyles (Cyathostomes)

Question Answer
How common is a cyathostomes infxn?Very common
Diff in lifecycle w/ small strongyles?Hypobiosis (arrested larval development)
How would you describe/id the adult?Leaf crown & teeth in buccal capsule
What type of lifecycle do the small strongyles have?Direct & non-migratory
Describe the lifecycle of small strongyles (cyathostomes)Eggs develop in environment to L3 → ingested & penetrate cecal/colon mucosa → molt to L4 & encyst → re-emerge onto mucosal surface → molt to immature adults → mature to adults
How resistant are cyathostomes in the enviro?Very! Their eggs develop to L3 in the enviro so need to be. Can survive cold weather
Pathology caused by cyathostomes?Mucosal lesions during larval encystment & re-emergence of numerous larvae may contribute to colic
What should you know about tx of small strongyles?Drug resistance has been reported; NOTE: once resistance develops to 1 drug, generally resistant to all in the same class! only moxidectin works (for a small guy, they are damn strong!)
What is Larval cyathostomiasis?Mucosal lesions during larval encystment & re-emergence (contributes to colic)
How do you determine if there is resistance/ how effective the anthelmintic are?Fecal egg count reduction tests- gold standard for measuring anthelmintic efficacy
How do you control cyathostomes?Control by using Fecal Egg Reduction Test-McMaster technique, rotate pastures
How would you dx cyathostome infection?Larvae cause clinical signs bc of nodules...which means that you cannot diagnose by eggs in feces because there are not yet adults to produce eggs
What kinda enteropathy can these cause?Protein losing enteropathy

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